They will murder you

They will murder you

The last thing their victims see. So who would you rather meet in a dark ally? Duncan will give you a quick but bloody death, while Niels will torture you mentally for hours until you look like this before he gives you a quick bullet to the head.

As you can see I was playing around with a different style of colouring. I really like how Duncan turned out.

10th January 2010

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23 F



3 years ago #9367663          

I'd rather choose Niels...Something about being beaten to death is scary Oo





3 years ago #9359159          

I'd choose Niels, as I'm realy scared of pain. Not to mention the fact that I have some voices in my head, and honestly I'd be surprised if he would be able to do something to me that I hadn't done myself yet. Damn, just thinking about what could happen gets me all riled up. And I think he's really cute, who wouldn't love to die with the sight of such a lovely sadistic smile. c:


962 F



3 years ago #9347659          

Probably my favorite comic!
I would love to just not be murdered, but if I had to, I would pick Duncan. Quick and painful is better than an emotionally painful death that will take an agonizingly long amount of time.


19 M



4 years ago #9206752          

To be honest? I would love to meet Niels if it were us potentially being friends or if it were for me getting a job (Though I'm white so I wouldn't get too far). However I would not like to meet the business end of Niels' gun.
If I had my choice I'd choose Duncan any day of the week


4 years ago #9164026          

Niels is by far the worst possible choice imaginable (can't understand why people would pick him). At least with Duncan death is guaranteed, but Niels . . . . He teases and makes false promises to the point where the victim genuinely believes they have a chance. Niels wants that so he can relinquish that flame of hope when the victim is at their most vulnerable. That's what makes Niels the cruelest because he makes fools out of them and encourages them to believe in something that does not exist (hope) just to have them suddenly realize that they're going to die it is over. He would emotionally and mentally scar his victims that if they do by some chance survive they'll be broken, those kinds of deep wounds just don't heal. And besides Niels has a corny sense of humor so to him death isn't a joke or business its the fucking punchline.


20 F



4 years ago #9080979          

If you could somehow convince Niels that you could be more useful alive, there's a chance you could get out of it. Crowbar sounds more like certain death.

5 years ago #9028451          

Hm... I think I prefer Niels. I need to wonder what sort of verbal torture he could dish out. And well, generally meeting him. I just don't like crowbars. (Not to mention your question could be reworded so that they actually are out to kill you)

5 years ago #8956460          

Niiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeells, why are you so damn attractive?! *pouts*

5 years ago #8938460          

... I DON'T KNOW!!! I would love to see my own gory death (Duncan) but I wounder what it's like to be tortured (Niels)


23 M



5 years ago #8864574          

I'd definitely choose Niels. At the risk of frightening people, we have incredibly similar personalities. The only real difference is that I don't kill people. I think we'd see a commonality between us, and though I'd still be killed, I know he'd respect that bond we share.

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