Love me the Scandinavian way

Love me the Scandinavian way

The other day they played “The way I are – Nephew remix” on the radio. I had heard it before, but this was the first time I actually listened to it, and realized what Simon Kvamm was singing.

For those who can’t hear it, he sings:
I’m Scandinavian, everything is what it is
I’m Scandinavian everything is free
And we will do it again when
We’ll play it again then
And you will hear it again, and
Again and again and
Nothing but the Scandinavian way I are
Love me the Scandinavian way I are

I couldn’t make up my mind as to who he is singing to, and ended up settling for him singing to both of them.

Later that day I watched this video by Nephew and suddenly I wanted nothing more than to see a big blockbuster movie with an evil, bisexual “fucked up Dane” as the main bad-guy, who for some reason surrounds himself with black people, despite not "acting black" himself. :XD:

You can decide for yourself if he gets the classic bisexual bad-guy ending and gets shot in the head. :P

11th September 2009

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1 year ago #9113368        

I love the look on Natilies and Duncan face


999 M
1 year ago #9097892        

These comics have given me some of the most wonderfully fucked up ideas ever. And I love it.

3 years ago #8506720        

The song is still one of my favourites since I discovered it through Neils months and months ago.

Humon, you so addictive

3 years ago #8498390        

I agree with @eaglemt ! It'd make an amazing movie! *U*

3 years ago #8459738        

I agree with @eaglemt that it should be a movie about this


13 F
3 years ago #8432336        

There should be a movie about Niels

3 years ago #8405072        

@englishcrown It's not as addictive but it's certainly just as good!

3 years ago #8401510        

Just discovered this. Is it as good as SATW?

3 years ago #8382123        


3 years ago #8286036        

Niels: Mr. Charming-Smile :D

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