Deadly Chocolate

Deadly Chocolate

Inspired by the first time my mother gave me chocolate with chilli in. For those of you who has never tried it, it’s not overly strong. You just feel this slight burning in your mouth. My mother hadn’t told me what was in the chocolate, and for a split second I though, “Oh my god! She is poising me!” Yeah, I’m a little paranoid.

It’s also a nod to back when I didn’t know how much Niels cared about Natalie and Duncan. Did he love them, or would he kill them when he had grown tired of them?
I now know he would just give them chocolate with chilli in. :XD:

28th January 2010

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3 years ago #9392334          

You sleep on the couch bitch. 2 against one what you gonna do about it?

2 bisexual guys can form a throuple much more easily than a straight couple.


22 O



4 years ago #9106845          

Lol. This reminded me that in high school a friend of mine used to being a lunch to school but he never ate any of it. Instead he would mooch off of everyone at the table and then give or throw away his bagged lunch. I jokingly asked him one day if he thought his mom was trying to poison him. He turned and very seriously told me you could never be too careful. Which had the added bonus of causing a nearby friend to spurt milk out his nose. It was a good day for us.

5 years ago #8956463          

@seelcudoom that's a really good point...

5 years ago #8868302          

if they are both on the couch they get to have fun while shes alone
i dont see how this works as punishment



13 F



5 years ago #8756290          

@GreenKittens16 No, he would never do that.

6 years ago #8645359          

you think your mother want to kill you Oo ?????!!!!!




6 years ago #8570455          

Someone please tell me is Niels seriously going to kill Duncan and Natalie?




6 years ago #8423831          

This reminds me of this game I found once. It's Russian Roulette with twelve bullet shaped chocolates and one of them has a pepper hidden in it. You take turns eating the chocolates and you have to eat the entire chocolate, especially if it's the one with the pepper. I wanted to buy it sooooooo much, but it was expensive, I have no money, I can only afford musket-ball shaped chocolates(spheres) covered in hazelnuts(which taste better than peppers anyway...):)

7 years ago #8229508          

Duncan should give Niels a "I'm sorry" kiss. :)


20 F



7 years ago #8228579          

Oh my gosh. I love this comic. Niels is hurt, and that's not easy to do. And you gotta feel a little for Duncan too, who just thought his best friend and lover was trying to kill him. Just because he loves Niels doesn't mean he forgets what he's capable of.

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