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The New Guy

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The New Guy

How the mind of a homophobe works.

Let’s hope the guy can keep his mouth shut, because if Duncan finds out that this is how he sees him, he will kill him personally. :XD:

1st January 2010
11 months ago #9138673      

OMG I love how Duncan still looks like a total gangster even though he's wearing a pink thong.


35 M
1 year ago #9123731      



999 M
1 year ago #9098461      

I love how Duncan keeps his disinterested look. XD

2 years ago #8645314      

cliché are very persevering -_-

3 years ago #8465176      

Oh, Drew... it begins :D

3 years ago #8382221      

I have he sudden need to own a gay ray gun which does the exact same thing to people as what happened inside that guys head.

3 years ago #8229369      

Dude, I was totally think about this today then stumbled upon it by looking for Yaoi and Yuri XDDDD

3 years ago #8229358      

This is totally Drew

3 years ago #8229257      

Well, not the most forward thinking person, but it happens, and people's minds can be changed. Hopefully working with Niels and Co. will change his perception of gay people. I've seen it work before.

3 years ago #8228921      

...he will kill him personally." beating him over the head with a crowbar endlessly even after he's been dead a good five minutes.

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