Someone hold Duncan down

Someone hold Duncan down

Magnus really is doing his girlfriend a huge favor. Niels and his family have enemies everywhere, so if someone steps into the house who's voice doesn't match their visible gender, then Duncan and Niels' bodyguards aren't going to think, "Oh, that's a transgender person" they'll think, "Guy in disguise! Quick! Knock him out before he shoots Niels! And taze him just to be sure!" Such is the life of a crime lord. :sweat:

EDIT: This is apparently just as complicated to some of you as it is to Duncan, so let me explain:
Magnus is FtM (Female to Male) so he was born a girl, but feels like a boy and wants to be called "he" and "him" and dress like a boy.
His girlfriend is MtF (Male to Female) so she was born a boy but feels like a girl, wants to be called "she" and "her" and dress accordingly.
Neither of them have had any kind of operations or hormonal treatments because they're both too young.

So it doesn't matter how you look at it, they're a boy and a girl in a heterosexual relationship.

11th March 2012

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3 years ago #9439598          

Whether you're a boy or a girl is not based on your gender.

And a transman is not a boy with a vagina; they are anatomically female and have a male gender identity.

3 years ago #9439149          

I thought Duncan was a transboy but now you're telling me he is actually a boy?

Doesn't express the female gender much.

3 years ago #9408510          

I Can Imagine Elliot's cute voice saying: 'Fuck!'


3 years ago #9392301          

Gender Identity is Irrelevant. Sexual Orientation is defined through biological sex, not gender identity.


18 F



4 years ago #9186017          

For some reason i am imagine Elliott with blue eyes in this one....weird!


16 F



4 years ago #9127401          

Aww i laugh so freaking hard at Kiddo <3


23 M



4 years ago #9123844          

Children always tend to repeat the things we'd least like them to.

4 years ago #9089404          

I think their biological sexes will make it make it weird in bed. Although maybe it would lend to interesting fantasies.


17 F



4 years ago #9072979          

@Idunnpil, did you try the box on the right? ^^





4 years ago #9066259          

I just tested the link and it seems to me it it pronounced in an english style.. I have never heard any dane pronounce magnus like that at least..
The fist tree letters "mag" is more pronounced like wow.. but starting with the "m" ofcourse.. so "mow"..;) and the "nus" is like it is in the link..I don't know if this makes any sense to you;) but hope it's helpfull :)

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