Rainbow Wedding Bells

Rainbow Wedding Bells

I'd say that news deserves a comic.

I put a little bisexual heart over Agent 300 because he is in fact bisexual. He just isn't ready to admit it.

No, Niels isn't dead. It's just that the only ideas I have with them are long stories that require at least 6 strips, and I'm not ready for that sort of commitment.

28th June 2015

Tagged in Agent 250 Agent 300

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21 days ago #9769206          

Well shit, whenever Niels gets revived I’m sure everyone will freak the fuck out. Especially since it’s been 3 years.

7 months ago #9703722          

i like to come back every couple months..just to check in, reread, tell you how much i absolutely love this comic.
i've been reading since 2012. and even if you never continue, i will always love what you have :3





8 months ago #9690493          

This is, or, at least was, beautiful.

1 year ago #9644780          

I just started this comic this morning, and now I'm mourning it.


1 year ago #9637583          

Rip Niels





1 year ago #9634324          

Just had a few hours of nothing in particular to do the other day, and I read through this to see what it was about. Best spend morning in a long time. :D So entertaining and great characters. I hope you return to it someday. :)

It is also a great source for disturbing dreams, so my hat off to you.

1 year ago #9624123          

I'm probably in the minority here, but nonetheless here's my two cents:

I think what let this series down is that towards the end it just wasn't dramatic enough. Too much schmaltz and cutesiness between the main characters, not enough narrative. One of the things that first drew me to Niels was the examination of the unusual relationship between the three leads, and the somewhat twisted psychology involved in it. Humour and chemistry has always been in this comic's DNA, but for the last couple of years there it just seemed to have devolved into endless fan service. Where Humon decided to take Niels (or indeed where she decides to take it if it ever comes back, lord willing) was ultimately her prerogative, but in the end I don't think it did the characters much justice.

1 year ago #9605695          

I'm calling it. Time of Death: June 28th, 2015 approx. 0:00.
Neils lasted a long time. We hoped for it's resurrection but it has nearly been two years. Neils is no more and will most likely never return to us.
Ironically this comic informs us that Neils is not dead installing false hope but alas Neils died after this post.
May it rest in peace.


27 O



1 year ago #9601994          

Any Niels readers seen Miike Snow's music video "Genghis Khan"? Seems almost too perfect....


17 F



1 year ago #9591379          

One day...

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