Relax It's Safe

Relax It's Safe

Niels will do anything for his family. Anything. Even if it makes them lie awake at night, wondering if he's trying to kill them.

30th April 2014

Tagged in Niels Magnus

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15 F



2 years ago #9364804          

Holy..! I've just spend the last 3-4 hours reading all of the comics. I found it this afternoon and its fricking brilliant! :O I'm so in love with 250 and 300 - their relationship is officialy the cutes thing in history! I would love to follow these characters through more comics *fingers crossed*





2 years ago #9358164          

Niels is my favorite comic. I have a webcomic addiction and am up to date on about 50 comics at all times, so that's saying something. Please bring this back. And I would buy more merchandise if there were more.


962 F



2 years ago #9355069          

That's it...
I do believe this comic is over. If it is, I would have loved to actually have proof.
But hey, It had a good run. I will be checking at least once a month though.
Just can't stop! Don't let this go down like Manala please!
If we donate enough do you think it would come back?!
Speaking of which, the donation box disappeared.
New tactic, everybody buy posters!


999 F



2 years ago #9349580          

I like how nobody commented on this for like four months and now everyone is commenting :) Is this because it has almost been a year since this last updated?



15 M



2 years ago #9349246          

I just spent maybe 4-5 hours straight rereading every page of this comic because I love it so much, too bad there's been no new ones for a year... I really love Niels as a character though, and probably my favourite pages are the ones where Niels and Agent 300 flirt so much, I just loved their dynamic. Anyway, that's my Niels mini-rant over. See you guys when (and if) the next one comes out!

2 years ago #9347692          

@TheBettyMonster I think part of it is because Humon needs more donations.

2 years ago #9347680          

@TheBettyMonster Exactly how I feel

2 years ago #9347662          

OMG pls update this comic. I reread this atleast once a month. I can't handle. I read Niels fanfics cause that the only content that comes close to this source T-T And update Manala too if thats not asking for too much

2 years ago #9347628          



962 F



2 years ago #9347427          

Almost one year has passed...
I hope that you do not feel you must draw, however if you feel the inspiration, some new Neils would be very nice.
Sorry for the bad English.

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