Scarred for life

Scarred for life

So you think walking in on your parents is bad? Try walking in on them while they’re having a threesome! NOOOOOO!!!!

Of course Kiddo knew they had a three-way relationship. He had seen them kiss good morning/goodbye plenty of times, and he knew they all slept in the same bed. It just never really dawned on him that they had sex too. Because parents don’t have sex! Ever!

In other news; another random little Niels video

17th October 2009

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6 months ago #9303804        

@connorshawc I know right

10 months ago #9241091        

Poor poor Kiddo lol


19 F
1 year ago #9177341        

I must be deprived, because I've never walked in on my parents having sex (that I can remember anyway X3). I HAVE, however, woke up in the middle of the night because of them lol

2 years ago #9029068        

wow the look on his face is so genuine and so well done XD.


26 O
2 years ago #9003933        

Pretty sure the kid's seen worse things living with these three... Like, you know... his parents killing people.


100 F
2 years ago #8737232        

that kid is fucked up for life now

3 years ago #8611936        

A sexy oreo

3 years ago #8575839        

...It's like an oreo!



27 F
3 years ago #8516266        

@Moonstone That's hilarious xDDD


13 F
3 years ago #8499895        

@whyntir I think that's not a really good thing

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