Do the Underwear Dance

Do the Underwear Dance

No, there is no real point to this picture, other than drawing people in underwear. Or in Peter’s case, nothing.

And Agent 300 is the only one with hair on his legs and arms because he is a hairy beast.

29th March 2010

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1 year ago #9113425        

@Moluitasy more like "GET ME AWAY FROM PETER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" :XD:

2 years ago #9008343        

Thomas is all "getmeoutaheeeere!!!!" XD

2 years ago #8938473        

When I saw Peter I just went "WHAT! ... ... Why do I like this" I feel so dirty now

3 years ago #8575718        

I saw a comment remarking about paperdolls, and if you haven't done so, I've already imagined them.

3 years ago #8329198        

Peter, balls, no

3 years ago #8229774        

i am scared for life. *extremely sarcastic voice* thank you soooo much humon

4 years ago #8229498        

paperdolls!!!!! now draw some clothes for them to wear :D

4 years ago #8228757        

Lol'd at Peter.

4 years ago #8228074        

You should draw all of the characters naked. Bring a human feel to the comic ;) I love it, btw :)

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