Jungle Fever 2

Jungle Fever 2

Part 3: http://humoncomics.com/jungle-fever-3
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Damn you White Man for ruining the black fun once again!!!
But admit it. You would so watch a movie about two Great White Hunters fighting each other over Africa, while the natives are all like, “What the hell are those idiots doing?”

Yes Niels. Pretending to shoot other people's children is really cute...

What the hell Agent 300 is doing there will remain a mystery, but for once Duncan doesn’t mind having him around. :D

23rd March 2010

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2 years ago #8967308        

You never see Duncan this emotional, is Niel's love for messing with peoples heads finally rubbing off on him?
Hope to see more of this.
Btw, laughed so hard my jaw hurts reading this and the previous comic.

3 years ago #8498587        


3 years ago #8456216        

Hmmmm...Idk why Duncan's cousin is so upset. The kids seem to be having fun *pow* lol. priceless.


13 F
3 years ago #8446198        

I just notisted that Duncans cousin is bleeding


900 F
3 years ago #8433994        

agent 300 and niels as white explorers is the funniest thing :D

3 years ago #8286691        

omg, this is so hilarious xD

4 years ago #8229387        

xD As soon as I saw this i though of Niels doing a TF2 reference and going "BOOM! Headshot." as he flicked the kid in the head...

4 years ago #8228756        

*Sniffle* Lol

4 years ago #8228165        

agent 300 stalking Neils now?! :3

4 years ago #8228042        

The happiest moment of Duncans life!

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