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Jungle Fever

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Jungle Fever

Part 2:
of 4:

Another costume comic with these guys. I love dressing them up.

A few things need some explaining.
Duncan is just being this anti-native pride right now because he hates his cousin. Like, if you loved cheesecake, but then that bitch secretary who slept with your boyfriend make cheesecake for the office party. Then it doesn’t matter how much you love cheesecake, because you sure is hell is not going to eat any of her crap!

They all know each other well, so they can make jokes like the luggage one at home, but Niels knows he would be hanged by an angry mob if he said it in public, so I can only assume he chose this costume because he hates Duncan’s cousin too.

And the little handbag is Natalie’s, just so we’re clear about that. :D

18th March 2010
12 days ago #9128767      

Haha, stuff like this is the reason why I love these comics-they're so perfectly unholy. :P


21 M
17 days ago #9125813      

kiddo sooo kawaiii...

1 month ago #9113420      

awwwwwwwwwww kiddo why you sooooo cute :happy:

10 months ago #8863772      

Crashing parties like a sir xD

1 year ago #8645781      

provocation just so gooooooooood !!!!

2 years ago #8516859      

>w< Omfsm!!! I nearly died from cuteness looking at Kiddo with the bag on his head!

2 years ago #8481580      

This really saved my day! (althought it didn't need to be saved, but still!)

2 years ago #8469487      

kiddo with bag on his head
kiddo with bag on his head
gimme as avatar

2 years ago #8456213      

I love Niels so much. He's just the most amazing man ever. I'd love my white friends to show up to parties dressed up like that especially with a theme like Africa!

2 years ago #8382236      

Can we have more evil smiles like Duncan's? especially on Neil's... Perhaps a REALLY insane smile?

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