Please don't cry

Please don't cry

“...You’ll probably go to Heaven. You’re a good guy. You picked up your kids after school. You helped them with their homework. The afterlife will no doubt be good to you”

Can’t you just feel the tender love flowing from Niels? :XD:

I’ve become quite fond of the idea that he will try to cheer up his victims by telling them that they’ll go to Heaven. Polite an friendly to the last.

The picture is of course inspired by this song

Lately I’ve been getting quite a few notes and comments telling me that the song fits Niels, and after listening to it I have to admit you're right. I love how it’s so cheerful and happy despite the lyrics, which gives the feeling that he is indeed being friendly about the whole killing thing.
Expect more pictures of Niels inspired by this song. :D

2nd November 2009

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3 years ago #9417211          

I knew before even clicking the link that it'd be I can't decide
I'm prooouuuud XD

3 years ago #9392324          

Please tell me you're going to kill him off gruesomely one day. Ideally after he loses all that is precious to him.

Don't kill Duncan or Natalie though, just have them leave him.


14 F



4 years ago #9117335          

The song DOES fit Niles rather well...

5 years ago #9028422          

Ahaha yes, scissor sisters... I remember having this song stuck in my head when I was trying to sleep and scaring myself half to death. Anyhow, it has more of a terrifying tone with me. Like having a smiling face while you are evidently staring with murderous intent and enjoying it. I imagine the singer would not have very many emotions and is just sick in a way that he would laugh at kills.
I see Niel, however in a different light. Judging by his extensive backstory and relationship with Natalie and Duncan, it is obvious that he can feel love... And that's why I don't see I Can't Decide as a perfect song for him.


5 years ago #9005125          

he's just soooo sweet!!! *-*

5 years ago #8852760          

fits so much it hurts

5 years ago #8852759          

At first, I was like, "this description reminds me of a certain Scissor Sisters song." and then I clicked the link all like, OH SHIT!


13 F



5 years ago #8754957          

@ReenaLegend Scissor sisters for the win!


22 F



6 years ago #8655721          

As "weird" as this moment is, you can tell that Niels is being sincere in what he's saying.




6 years ago #8551002          

Same here. I came home from my spanish lesson the other day at 9 and happened upon this series. By the time I had read all of the issues it was like 2 in the morning and I had lessons the next day at 8.30 and hadn't done any homework.... Worth it though. Who needs A levels anyway :p

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