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Niels enjoying the sun. :)

9th July 2010
1 year ago #9107293      

Reminds me of myself and my best friend...

2 years ago #8804624      

Mmmmmmm strawberry jelly.

2 years ago #8646048      

ahhhhhhhhhh kill someone is so relaxing -________- ...ah i would Duncan's here, blood is soooooo erotic

2 years ago #8571862      

Altough he does kill people and do other horrible things, Niels is not an actual villian. Because of his role as the protagonist in this webcomic, he cannot be the villian. 300 or 250 could be the antagonist, or Peter. Niels is just one really dark anti-hero!

3 years ago #8538771      

He should wipe the blood off, his tan (PFFT!) will come out weird.


238 F
3 years ago #8456222      

Sweet tooth! :3

3 years ago #8435174      

"Who can take the sunshine.....and sprinkle it with BLOOD?!?!?!?"
If anyone gets that reference, I will love them forever!

3 years ago #8334094      

Sometimes I forget Niels actually kills people. I don't get that he is the bad guy, he is just so funny and sometimes looks so innocent or something.


19 F
3 years ago #8229712      

@Jillybean55 Maybe the victim was close enough.

3 years ago #8229345      


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