Niels lineup

Niels lineup

This was requested some time a go. A quick sketch showing how tall they are compared to each other.

“George Brosnan” is what the name tag on Agent 300's mail box says, but it’s most likely not his real name. He sure hates it with a passion. I'm sure the James Bond fans will know why. Let's just say his boss dislike him. A lot. :XD:

I would really like to use Caron more, but it’s difficult because I can’t put her anywhere near Niels. She would be too likely to just shoot him in the head and get it over with. That’s also why Niels stays far away from her. She’s no fun. :(

Yes, Peter is one tall mofo.

I keep imagining them suddenly starting an epic fight Japanese style, because while drawing this my TV was running in background while they were showing the uncut version of Naruto with Japanese speech. :XD:

14th July 2010

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35 M
1 year ago #9124415        

Ok quick confession, my Step-granddad knew George Lazenby when he was a Car salesman in Queanbeyan

2 years ago #8938481        

:D For soem reason I can't stop loving Peter


13 F
2 years ago #8756365        

Peter just got 100% more creepier after I saw that he was that tall, now he's 200% creepy.

3 years ago #8229799        

Peter is a tall guy. xD

@Zanna: Same here, I dun' like tall people. They scare me.

4 years ago #8229225        

oh my god peter would scare the crap out of me even at a distance, he's like 8 ft!

4 years ago #8228945        

I find it hilarious that Caron looks like my mom... whose name happens to be Karen.


Okay, I find it creepy along with the hilarity.

4 years ago #8228275        

I wonder if with all the bad crap peter does to niels, hasnt niels tried to get rid of him once and for all..?

4 years ago #8228168        

What if Caron met Peter? Like, she's on Neils' trail, and BAM! he's in the way?

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