The Letter

The Letter

A commission made for

He requested a picture of his character Umbrella Man delivering a letter to a sleeping Niels.

As he put it: “To make sense of this picture, it would seem Umbrella Man is delivering a message to Niels, something which may very well seem utterly trivial at the time he reads it - but someday will cause something important in his life, for better or for worse.”

The umbrella is supposed to look fuzzy, like it's not quite right. In fact, I tried to give the whole thing a slightly dreamy feeling, as if Niels is somewhat aware that someone else is there, but at the moment he think he's just dreaming.

I like how the gasmask ended up almost looking like a cranium. :)

16th July 2010

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19 F



7 months ago #9642049          

Thaat man reminds me of a character in a tv-program that I found quite scary (I think it was one of those running over the summer holidays.). On another note, I thought the way they treated an arrow wound to the shoulder in the same program (the bandage was loose and didn't seem likely to hold.) utterly ridicoulus.


13 F



5 years ago #8446254          

Umbrella man's hair looks like Michael jacson's hair.


41 F



6 years ago #8229873          

I like how the discreet use of red seems to bind this image together. The red letter, the umbrella's red side and Umbrella Man's red tie. I really like looking at this image

6 years ago #8229585          

It came out awesome!






6 years ago #8229000          

Gasmask creepy awesomeness.

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