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Patchwork Family

Oh Kiddo, you will accomplish great things.

1st December 2011
3 months ago #9297079      

Ooooo.K. Niels has been an . . . interesting influence.


18 F
2 years ago #8867992      

... How old Kiddo is? He has been taught well...

2 years ago #8618715      

Duncan would be so proud right now XD

3 years ago #8457328      

Kiddo~ A killer in training yet SOOOO adorable~

3 years ago #8408768      

That kid is going places. Maybe not the police academy, but places.

3 years ago #8399426      

Yup, Kiddo's gonna take over the more shady part of the buisness and antagonize Thomas' daughter all the time.

3 years ago #8229293      

I was going through all the new comics last night. Well, new from the last time I was on here, and this one and the one before it were both skipped. I didn't see them until I went to the archive and was like "Woah! Where did these come from?"

Anyhoo, I just love Black Niels' reaction to what Kiddo says. (If nobody has noticed, I alternate between calling him Elliot and Kiddo.) They'll be awesome together.

3 years ago #8229239      

Atta boy Kiddo!

3 years ago #8229084      

@emberwest17 : old Niels is around 30 I think, which makes young Niels around 14 and I'm guessing from the looks of him and what he says that Kiddo is 2-3 years old and has a remarkable vocabulary and grasp of grammar for his age.

3 years ago #8229083      

It's even better if you read kiddo's lines with a bit a pronunciation problem (And den de wobber knocks all de dead coppews teef out so dey can't use his dental histowy to identify him)

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