Blood Everywhere!

Blood Everywhere!

Being Niels' bodyguard isn't all fun and beating people up. At least not if you don't know when to shut up.

2nd December 2011

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7 months ago #9297081        

So Drew has to get a plumber? Viscious indeed.

11 months ago #9242122        

Upstairs, second door on the right? XD it's consistent! Remember in Just Visiting 2 Robert says upstairs second door down. Continuity!

2 years ago #8821190        

Ah that feeling of understanding on your second read through....

3 years ago #8523114        


Pssshhh, everyone knows Denmark is better.

Okay, I know I've never been anywhere but America, so I should shut up. X3

3 years ago #8522120        

wait, was the blood from "Niels"'s period? Or was something actually bleeding on the toilet??

3 years ago #8497642        

You would think it would be easier to confuse Sweden and Norway, considering they're connected by land.


19 O
3 years ago #8480018        

Stupid Drew, saying Sweden and Denmark are the same thing x3 Sweden are so much better :3 We have Peter xD

3 years ago #8456269        

lol. punished...awesome. Blood in the toilet huh? Niels come on you know better body parts go in the disposal, and blood goes down the drain.

4 years ago #8229675        

...Sweden and Denmark the same thing, lol.
fixing the toilet isn't even such bad punishment for that! XD

4 years ago #8229636        

It all makes sense now.

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