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One Big Family

One Big Family

Wendy drawing her new big family as she sees it.

10th June 2013

Tagged in Britney 250 Wendy Irene Thomas 300

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5 months ago #9297115      

And Wendy is both very sweet and a little tactless. Obviously, a kid. :)

Really, Irene's picture is great.

But Mimi makes Britiny less angry? Good.

1 year ago #9152627      

the scars on 250 are pretty accurate, you know, for wendy

2 years ago #8929613      

Oh my she is so adorable xD I wish every child would be so cute

2 years ago #8919830      

ha the dresses are kilts

2 years ago #8872884      

Oooh, it's nice to see 300 in something other than his classic suit and tie. I mean, yeah, okay, he's still wearing a tie, but dayum. I should not be attracted to a cartoon-ish character.

Also, I missed Wendy! Bringin' back /all/ the old characters now! Next thing you know we'll be seeing Harold again.

2 years ago #8870272      

also, what is 300 doing there anyways? O_o
but i just adooooore his friendship with Irene X3

oh and, thank you, Damig, that was really kind!! *hug* (yes, i'm insane)

2 years ago #8869133      

Wendy and Kiddo should hang out more. They're both so cute!

2 years ago #8868664      

Aw, that's absolutely adorable! xD


18 F
2 years ago #8867998      

I like Wendy a lot more now XD

It's not that I have disliked her or anything, she just has been one of those "whatever" characters I don't pay that much attention to.


20 F
2 years ago #8867549      


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