Nothing Serious

Nothing Serious

Too bad you didn't see Agent 300's revenge, cause it was awesome!

Anyway, I know some people will think I chicken out and brought him back from the dead, but the truth is that he was never supposed to die. I just needed something drastic to happen, and thought, "Why not be evil and toy with their emotions a bit?" >:}

Originally their conversation was a lot longer and explained how Niels was able to survive a shot to the head and 300 and 250 talked a bit about family, but it was too boring so I decided to do it like this.

6th July 2011

Tagged in 300 Kiddo Duncan 250 Niels Natalie

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7 months ago #9296988        

Am I weird to think it's creepy that Niels, Kiddo and Three are all smiling?

10 months ago #9259737        

Headcannon: agent 300 put agent 250 and neil in the same room incase agent 300 died from his injuries he'd be close enough to kill Neil

1 year ago #9163519        

I'm so in love with 250 and 300. They're the reason I keep coming back.

Just FYI, this comic is not visible when scrolling forward using the Next button. I only just found it by accident because I had started from the most recent comic and was scrolling backwards with the Previous button.

1 year ago #9107462        

I can see how after a while Duncan and 250 just go mental and start chocking each other and then getting sedated by nurses xD

3 years ago #8674160        

...I think Niels is not really a "bad" guy. He's a crime lord, he kills, he "plays", but, he's not essentially bad. He have a family, he sort of trust in love...he's a guy with some vices, more than the common, but...I think he's good and I like him ^^

3 years ago #8601409        

I like how niels and kiddo are just smiling and Natalie and duncan are just kind of awkwardly sitting there...

God, I just love 300 and 250 as a couple!! ♥

3 years ago #8595278        

Not sure why anybody thought 250 was dead, considering Niels' impressively bad aim.

3 years ago #8569750        

The hidden comic! I finally found it!

3 years ago #8456250        

huh...ok that reminds me. Doesn't 250 sorta look like Prof. Oak just more rugged badass.

3 years ago #8421763        

Damn, Duncan is PISSED! XD

aww, now I'm interested to learn how Niels survived a shot to the head...

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