All Very Simple

All Very Simple

What? Had you forgotten Niels is the bad guy? was kind enough to illustrate the following scene

2nd July 2011

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4 months ago #9345557        

The post and account, referred in the description, is no longer a thing that exsists. So is there anyone who can help me see the Following scene?


21 F
4 months ago #9338007        

I knew Niels was a psychopath, but it never felt so personal until now... You show him agent 300! Show him how the Scots do it! (Except, don't actually, because drunk and swearey may not work in your favour here :P)


17 F
6 months ago #9315951        

I hope he didn't kill him o___O

7 months ago #9296985        

Aaaaaaaaaand that is how you know Niels is a psychopath.

11 months ago #9241649        

Neinnn!!! ( OAO)

1 year ago #9164207        

@Lucy ...I really can't see 300 as Sherlock :P Though I could see Niels as Moriarty, 250 is also kind of a stretch for John as well :L

1 year ago #9150270        

Cannot unsee this with Sherlock characters? Like, Niels=Jim, 250=an older John and 200=a flirtier Sherlock. I think I need to stop watching so much Sherlock...


16 F
1 year ago #9127355        

Omg.. No.. Not Agent 250.. he was so.. sweet.. hot.. and.. owh.. T__T

1 year ago #9115382        

*the following scene was far too violent to show* I was on the floor laughing :XD:

1 year ago #9107440        

Agent 300 activated

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