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All Very Simple

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All Very Simple

What? Had you forgotten Niels is the bad guy? was kind enough to illustrate the following scene

2nd July 2011

16 F
20 days ago #9127355      

Omg.. No.. Not Agent 250.. he was so.. sweet.. hot.. and.. owh.. T__T

1 month ago #9115382      

*the following scene was far too violent to show* I was on the floor laughing :XD:

1 month ago #9107440      

Agent 300 activated

5 months ago #9029543      

Haha, yes of course. Niels is rather hard to take seriously, as many sweet parts of his personality are also shown. And sitting next to a murder, he looks rather detached somehow, as if he weren't part of it.
And here its true that he shoots 250. But it is not felt as if he were a bad person, but more as if he's squabbling and knocks someone out. Excuse my inferior explaining skills.
In case the author reads the comments: may I have permission to write Niels & Gang fanfiction?

5 months ago #9011223      

I knew Niels would kidnap 250!!! XD
that's so cute! it shows that he really needs 300! <3

6 months ago #8996655      


6 months ago #8982923      


7 months ago #8967670      

"George Martin style!"
But really sad nonetheless :( Wanted to see 250:s developement :(

10 months ago #8865518      

NUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!! D:

12 months ago #8813557      

Ffff I flail wildly at this page every time.

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