McDowell Triplets

McDowell Triplets

People wanted to see 300's twin sister, so here you, and with a bonus. :D

10th December 2012

Tagged in Mary Timothy 300

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7 months ago #9297112        

And non of the McDowells stop smiling.

1 year ago #9190818        

They all have That Creepy Smile

2 years ago #9013181        

they're totally cute and creepy at the same time! :D

2 years ago #8892242        

@LiTMac Either him or Barrowman.

Then again...


20 M
2 years ago #8872015        

@PurpleFedora Thank you so much for suggesting David Tennant's brogue for 300's voice. Now I am so happy every time I read 300! (I love Tennant <3)

2 years ago #8868650        

This explains a lot xD

2 years ago #8716138        

I know Humon gave us a video as to what 300 sounds like, but I can't help but hear David Tennant's sexy Scottish

3 years ago #8675065        


Well, in case you might forget, seeing that both 250 and 300 are *secret* agents, so their families don't know about this, and wouldn't see it as a threat to reveal their surnames.

Then again, that's just me.


16 M
3 years ago #8665428        

dear god
is it just me or do all three of the triplets have rape faces on ?

3 years ago #8665279        

@tinselties Thanks I'll look into it! :)

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