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A joke on sophisticated bad guys' odd habit of designing new clothes for the people they kidnap. Bond villains especially liked that.

15th January 2013

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5 months ago #9297113      

NO respect for other's wardrobe.

1 year ago #9144953      

Niels looks surprisingly good in a dress. :)

2 years ago #9013190      

"Surpriiiiiiiiiiise!!!!!!!!!" XD

2 years ago #8868653      

......oh my god, Niels, and that expression in the last panel xD


19 F
2 years ago #8849027      

Hmm...I think she's Agent 734 from two or three comic ago: Don't Hope For Too Much. She's the pretty agent who was on a mission with Agent 300 and is dating a woman named Lis.

2 years ago #8848543      

It's funnier if it's Irene.

2 years ago #8820436      

Is that Irene?! I think it's Irene.


16 F
2 years ago #8805636      

oh, how I love her facial expession there at the very end.

2 years ago #8795037      

Dude, you make some incredibly funny sounds.

I like how Niels looks fine in women's clothes. Not "OMGLMAO THAT'S SO UGLYYYY", not "... Damn, that's hot.", just... Yeah, it fits him in a chaste way. If that makes sense.

2 years ago #8791551      

(sound of me choking on air then proceeding to laugh my ass off)

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