Lazy TV Night

Lazy TV Night

Double standards: Natalie has them.

I actually made this on the same day I made the Fastelavn comic (which also explains what a “Fastelavnsris” is) but then I forgot all about it.

The other day I said Thomas was the only completely straight character in this story, but it turned out I was just so focused on the idea of myself being a jerk, that I forgot the story actually has 5 straights, one of them being Natalie.

She doesn’t like vagina in her face. It’s ridicules how hard I had to think to come up with something she wouldn’t like about lesbian sex. I do not make a good homophobe. :XD:

22nd February 2010

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2 years ago #8938467        

they look so cute blushing

3 years ago #8645663        

We can perfectly see the hands of Niels and Duncan, entwined on the back of the couch ^^ that's cute...ahhhhh lazy night

3 years ago #8561472        

Vagina phobia. >u<

3 years ago #8326561        


4 years ago #8229697        

@AlohaShirtSamurai Fun Fact: That's hilarious. XD

4 years ago #8229595        

I *love* the fact that Neils and Duncan are holding hands over the top of the couch the entire time. :)

4 years ago #8229403        

@FlameFeathers ..................... o.O

4 years ago #8228750        

You would be surprised Natalie. It's not THAT bad...

4 years ago #8228597        

I just realised something really sweet!
Niels and Duncan are "sort of" holding hands during the comic.
Such a sweet detail... ^^

4 years ago #8228410        


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