Scandinavian Baddies

Scandinavian Baddies

A week ago I realized that I have three Scandinavian guys as baddies, so I thought it would be fun to line them up like this. It felt amazingly good after having drawn the extremely stereotypical (and mainly nice) Scandinavians from SatW for so long. :D

You know Niels.

Peter is supposed to be Niels’ symbolic older brother, and to emphasize that, I not only gave him the same skin and hair colour as Niels, but I also gave him a Swedish last name, Eriksson, hinting that his ancestors came from Sweden.

Axel is from a completely different comic I planned on turning into a web-comic three years ago, but then a lot of stuff happened, and I forgot about it. Now my Niels comic has pretty much turned into what Axel’s comic was about: A villain who has to deal with family, employees and good guys.

Axel was basically a Norwegian emo/goth boy with rock star dreams. He wanted to play music, but his father expected him to take over his villain business. So Axel was less than enthusiastic about his job, which meant non of the good guys were recurring characters, because he simply killed them as soon as they showed up. He just wanted to get the job over with, and had no time to play cat and mouse with them. Because the comic will never be made, I can reveal that he didn’t get a happy ending, and ended up giving up on his music dreams and shaved his long hair off.

I no longer remember why I decided to make him Norwegian. I’m not even sure there was a reason for it...

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to give him cameo appearances in the Niels comics for a long time, so he’ll probably show up one day.

24th February 2010

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13 F



3 years ago #9305591          

Yay, the adoreble creep is Swedish!:3


21 M



5 years ago #8967295          

Fascinating, I have always seen Niels as a sadistic mix of Denmark and Sweden, is that how Scania will be when he grows up?
Peter really reminded me a lot of Norway in his first appearance, but then I saw a bit more of him and quickly let that thought go.
Hope to se Axel in the future, great comic.

5 years ago #8938469          

I just find Peter adorable


18 F



5 years ago #8746380          

My new headcanon is that Johnny was Axel, filling out his duties until the very end. :'D





6 years ago #8476280          

I love that Peter looks like he's about to flash me. The little creeper.

6 years ago #8446816          

Oh god, if Denmark, Norway, and Sweden met these guys...

Sweden would probably spaz attack at Peter...


20 F



6 years ago #8320863          

Woah! I'd love to use Axel as a profile-pic on here! Is he possible to get? :D


16 F



6 years ago #8312015          

Why do you have to draw Peter so damn cute?! ):




6 years ago #8307299          

dinaarumor: I agree with you there /:


22 F



6 years ago #8286505          

Hmm.. don't know whether I should be happy or not that Peter is a Swede :/

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