It was a good night

It was a good night

The song Duncan is dancing to [link]

The idea was stolen from my friend who told me that she woke up one night to find her drunk boyfriend, who is a hardcore heavy metal fan, headbanging to a Black Eyed Peas CD they didn't own. He had no idea where he got it. :XD:

I don't draw Duncan that much, but he is actually one of my favorite characters. :D

20th November 2011

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20 F
1 year ago #9123784        

Duncan you wild man you.

2 years ago #9012152        

I'm crying! This is the craziest comic I've ever read!! X'D


22 F
2 years ago #8882442        

Hah, good lord, drunken weirdos are the weirdest people out there. xD
Well, whether this is before or after the eye-incident, we don't know for certain. ;) What I know, though, is that when I get really sleepy, I'd be almost just like Niels is, because my right eye hurts more than the left one those times for reason. xD

3 years ago #8660795        

first time I read this I thought Niels was just tired and didn't open his eye all the way when he woke up, I didn't get it till Duncan fell on him and Natalie and they both had wide-eyed expressions. I totally forgot about his fake eye and that he'd need to take it out when he's sleeping


15 M
3 years ago #8623853        

lost mah shit.

3 years ago #8497631        

Ooh, Natalie, so deliciously EVIL

3 years ago #8456264        

*Spank That Thang*
Oh baby!. Awesome! However, if I came home like that my partners would make sure my hangover killed me.

3 years ago #8389272        

*spank that thang'!*

Priceless. Now that's all I think when I hear BEP.

3 years ago #8303748        

DIRTY BIT! *SLAM* *violent hip thrusting*

XDD Oh God, Duncan kills me!

3 years ago #8288354        

XD i forgot how much I love Duncan and Natalie

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