Jungle Fever 4

Jungle Fever 4

4 Parts: http://humoncomics.com/gallery/jungle-fever

The last part of the Jungle Fever series. I’ll let you decide for yourself what happens after this.

You have to wonder where the hell Agent 300 is keeping all that crap he seems to be carrying around...

For those who forgot, Elliot is Kiddo’s real name.

And a few people have asked what Niels’ last name, Gyldensted, means, so for those who care it means “Golden place”, but not in a sparkly, pretty way. To a Dane’s ears it sounds kind of old-fashioned and a bit snobbish.

1st May 2010

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2 years ago #8938477        

XD I just love when Agent 300 blushed

3 years ago #8645842        

....I want to see the seen with Duncan like bottom ^^


13 F
3 years ago #8482876        

@dangerice no his clothes is just the same color as Natalies dress

3 years ago #8456219        

Duncan's cousin is a bit annoying. Gotta love Kiddo though, he's always cute.

3 years ago #8229797        

...Kiddo's head is floating above his body....

4 years ago #8229579        

In my mind, 300 keeps talking to natalie like that anad then she gets mad and punch him in the face XD eliot loves it so duncan beats him unconcscious. Then they go home and "roleplays"<3

4 years ago #8229404        

Panel 3: o.O my mind just blew

4 years ago #8228755        

Panel 5: 300's face

4 years ago #8228271        

I love how she protects elliot in the last panel and Duncan´s reaction! XD Niels is happy

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