If he only knew

If he only knew

Would you look at what I found in some forgotten folder. It was rather boring to look at because there’s so much copy pasta going on, so I tried to make it a little more interesting by making it cleaner than usual.

Anyway, I was once asked by a guy if Niels had some kind of gay super power that meant he could turn anyone gay for him. I asked the guy what he meant, and he said, “Like Duncan and Agent 300. They just suddenly turned gay for him”

Well, Duncan doesn’t count because it’s actually a big part of his character that he is a confused bisexual, same goes for Peter who is just bat-shit insane. Nobody else has any interest in Niels, so that leaves Agent 300. He is a special case.

I have to admit that I’m taking a lot of my dislike for James Bond (and players in general) out on Agent 300, and I always thought the idea of a womaniser who realized he is bisexual to be rather amusing.
So this was meant as both a reply to the question, but I was also playing with the idea of what would happen if Agent 300 ever got self-aware enough to realize that he wasn’t the completely straight stud he thought himself to be. ;)

29th April 2010

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4 years ago #9113433          

that is the cuties blush ever in panel 7


17 F



5 years ago #8971900          

Agent 300 really is my favorite character, after that is 250 partially because of his influence on 300.
They are just such a power couple.
I agree with fiadraye that there is some top notch character development we've got here^^


14 F



5 years ago #8794938          

I love watching the change in Niels's and 300's relationship as the comic goes on. It is some of the best character development i have seen in a cartoon, let alone a webcomic. (topped only by Avatar: The Last Airbender)

5 years ago #8731930          

The 300/Niels interaction was just shining in my mind when I watched Skyfall. I love queer villains!



19 F



7 years ago #8228610          

lol, way to awkward Niels into admitting something XD




7 years ago #8228556          

Ah there's Caron, I missed her! ...I wonder if she has a spiteful inner-voice against 300 in that last scene like "hah! I'm glad 300 is freaking out, stupid suit deserves it for bursting into our case...but at least he did something useful will breaking down so maybe I'll take care to leave him some of Thomas' nice coffee...maybe."
...sorry, I didn't mean to try crawling into your character's head like that.

7 years ago #8228540          

I can't imagine Neil being uncomfortable.




7 years ago #8228413          

Poor 300, the truth hurts, honey <3

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