Jungle Fever 3

Jungle Fever 3

Part 4: http://humoncomics.com/jungle-fever-4
of 4: http://humoncomics.com/gallery/jungle-fever

You know Duncan will keep that photo in his wallet next to the pictures of his family until the day he dies.

Just one more Jungle Fever strip to go.

6th April 2010

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10 months ago #9241194        

Duncan looks so happy T u T


18 F
1 year ago #9179624        

Kiddo is so cute

1 year ago #9113431        

I love how Agent 300 is blushing '//////'

2 years ago #8971892        

omfg, this is like the 4th time I read this comic and it's only NOW I finally get the innuendo!


25 F
2 years ago #8766725        

I laugh so hard that I can breath from my nose (in bed with a cold)... ahh the air.

Ducan, please never lose that picture xD

3 years ago #8494181        

I was already laughing pretty hard but once I saw Duncan's Cousin's face it put me right over the edge!!

3 years ago #8460065        

TYPO in panel 2: Hasn't gotten

3 years ago #8456218        

The faces of shock and horror are priceless.

3 years ago #8229870        

@Adonisa yeah it really is :D I love it when things go Duncan's way, he's got it tough sometimes.
That's why I'm sure Niels wore the white oppressor outfit; to help his very dear friend get back at his stupid cousin <3

4 years ago #8229343        

His cousins face in the last panel<3

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