Happy Fastelavn

Happy Fastelavn

Duncan and Natalie are just trying to keep Kiddo innocent for as long as possible, and no Danish holiday is going to change that!

Heh, as I promised, Happy Fastelavn!

I’m out a bit early because it won’t be Fastelavn before the 14. February this year, but it’s never on the same day because it follows Easter, so Niels probably got the dates confused.

On Fastelavn the children dress up and goes to public parties where they beat a barrel that is hung from a rope with a bat until it breaks. In the old days a live black cat was put in the barrel, and the children would beat it to death when the barrel broke, but these days the barrel is filled with candy and the cat is made of cardboard or simply painted on the wood.
The child who first breaks the barrel becomes the Cat Queen no matter what gender the child is. The child who gets the last plank of the rope becomes the Cat King. They both get little crowns to proudly wear.
The next day they put on their costumes again and goes from door to door with homemade money boxes, asking for money with a song.

And then there are the Fastelavnsris, which are basically primitive whips that the children can use to wake their parents with on Fastelavn morning, but few parents tell their children about that tradition. :XD:

12th February 2010

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5 months ago #9725352          

kiddo in the last panal! :'D


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4 years ago #9241045          

It is on the monday before "Ash Wednesday", the day that in Iceland is called "Bolludagur" that children can beat their parents (or other grown up some say) for "bollu" That day meatballs are the food of choose and creamballs are the "snakkeri"

4 years ago #9170889          

I just love Danish traditions & Holidays^^ the 1 thing I wish we kept here in Norway^^


22 F



5 years ago #9009915          

Hands down my absolute favourite Niels comic. Kiddo is ridiculously adorable.


6 years ago #8645563          

In the southe of France, in Provence, we built a giant awful male figure who represent the bad days of winter and named Carmentra. We follow him through the city and we burn him in a public square ^^.......anyway, i thing Niels can love the treatment of Duncan ^^ (SM forever)


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6 years ago #8449795          

in iceland we have öskudag (ash-day) and then kids go in costumes and go in every shop they see and sing for candy but in the old days kids did the same but also some days before they make little bags and put ash in it and the hang it on some random people with a tiny hook without they knowing.




6 years ago #8304042          

I may be the only one who's mind goes in this direction but...just where exactly is Duncan smacking Niels with that stick thing?




7 years ago #8229401          

I've had dressed him as a cop, but okay, at my first fastelavn i was dressed as miney mouse -.-'




7 years ago #8228899          

Oh, this reminds me of Czech eastern - the guys take young willow branches and twine them together and decorate them and then go from house to house and symbolically whip the ladies so that they stay young and succulent :-) Each of the ladies then has to tie a bow on the whip and if she's married, she pours a shot of liquor for the man - if she ain't, she gives him a boiled and decorated egg.

Sometimes there is also water included. Cold water ;-)

These days it's more like the AngloSaxon Halloween trick-or-treating, more about the candy and money for the kids (and liquor for the adult)...

7 years ago #8228562          

I would kind of like to see Niels taking Kiddo around trying to get money with songs.

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