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Shoot Me If You Can

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Shoot Me If You Can

Because you would look so much cooler Niels. That’s why.

Just a joke on Niels impressively bad aim. The fact that he even came that close to the guy was pure luck. :XD:

31st March 2011
8 months ago #8944809      

@LiTMac from memory


19 M
10 months ago #8871050      

I know that Niels is a terrible shot, but I don't remember in which comic this was first made known. Can anyone link it to me?

12 months ago #8810297      

The 8th panel seems like a good sum-up of all the advantage Neils ever has.

1 year ago #8646201      

What an interesting little thug ^^ I would offer his to me, naked surrounded by a beautiful ribbon : a gift from me to me

1 year ago #8629075      

It's not missing, it's a "warning shot", of course.
Poor dumb dead guy didn't see that...

1 year ago #8611946      

How does Niels still manage to be cool after missing? And that punk looked like he would have been a cool character, too bad he was an idiot. lol jk. Still he would have been a nice addition


16 F
2 years ago #8481367      

wow that guy standing on the roof was pretty stupid if he thought he was gonna win cause he was up higher...and to think the other two didn't have guns too.

Love you Niels. ^^

2 years ago #8456236      

Ok....That's awesome....I want bodyguards now. :)

2 years ago #8396083      

And this is why I love Niels.

2 years ago #8327561      

Forget aim, Niels has top notch back up! 8D

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