For The Fans

For The Fans

Every time I get a comment like “I want Agent 300!” or “The Agent is so hot!” it’s always from a man. It makes me laugh every single time so I had to make a little something about it. The Agent does not approve! :XD:

I thought about putting a straight guy among the fans who was going “I’m disappointed in you man!” because I’ve had a few of them tell me the Agent is a weirdo for lusting after Niels when he can have (and gets) as many hot ladies as he wants. :XD:

11th April 2011

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1 year ago #9141867        

holy crap you're right, he does look like Murdoc's brother

1 year ago #9099580        

Guy on the far right looks like the little brother of Murdoc from Gorillaz xD

2 years ago #9009812        

Niels enjoying milkagain… XD

2 years ago #8865042        

This is beautiful xD

2 years ago #8858466        

This is the funniest one to me! ^w^

2 years ago #8810300        

Dunno how I feel about chest hair....It's good for the mood I suppose but seems awkward

2 years ago #8692514        


He's bisexual.

3 years ago #8327566        

Lol he knows he secretly liked those guys fawning over him...

3 years ago #8229805        

...I'm probably going to be pelted in bricks for saying this.

BUT I WANT 300 *gnaw*

4 years ago #8229416        

I thought that was Robert in the background for a moment.

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