Secret Agent Spirit Day

Secret Agent Spirit Day

Late Spirit Day comic. I had so much to do today and wasn't going to make one, but when I realized how bad 250 and 300 would be at this I had to make it.

19th October 2012

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3 years ago #9297109          

I wouldn't have thought that SECRET agents would tend to stand up for much of anything.

Because, you know, "secret".


34 M



4 years ago #9276701          

Over 100? Pff! My ex had slept over 200. You're gonna have to get cracking to catch up, 300. ;)

5 years ago #9005771          

Makes me want to see a comic with Agent 146 in it


28 F



5 years ago #8982988          

"over a 100 women"...? That doesn't sound like any sort of Lady Killer to me... Come on 300, you have to have done better than that! :O



23 M



5 years ago #8872008          

@Elliesays I believe that 250 is fully gay and not bisexual. If a person is raised thinking that he is supposed to be attracted to women, he will, at some point in his life, seek out a relationship with a woman. However, such relationships would most likely be platonic in nature, and once he realized he was attracted to men, he would likely have realized that his former relationships with women were not based on physical attraction, which is probably why 250 has such a good relationship with Irene, despite the reverse. So know, he is not bi. I am, though.

5 years ago #8868637          

Ahahahahahha xD I just love these two!


15 F



5 years ago #8848545          

Is 250 still attracted to women? Even a lil bit? He was once, since he did get married and have a kid, so is he bi? Here he's referred to as gay, and 300 is referred to as a bisexual. He'll probably tip the scales to men, but even if there's a bit, is he still bi??? Augh




6 years ago #8573118          

I *loooovve* the blurry effect of the guy talking to the camera!




6 years ago #8570164          

I feel like 146 would be the office homophobe...

6 years ago #8567600          


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