Like Father Like Son

Like Father Like Son

“You might want to clean yourself up a bit before we hit the streets, kiddo”

How about a little elaboration on what Niels and Johnny’s relationship was like?

Niels and Johnny really had a good thing going. It was almost invertible that Niels would start seeing Johnny as a father figure, and Johnny was the first and only of Niels’ many parental figures who actually saw him as the son he never had. It was a relationship that worked out perfectly for both of them.

Unfortunately Niels’ habit of seeing sex as the ultimate parental love kicked in. Johnny wasn’t gay/bi, so when Niels came on to him, he turned him down on the spot. Niels took that very personal, and when Johnny started treating him differently because, as it turned out, he wasn’t a big fan of “faggots”, everything just went downhill from there.

The night Niels burned Johnny to death was the first time he called home in two years.

Yes, it was deliberate that I made Johnny call Niels kiddo. Let’s just hope it’s not foreshadowing for what will happen to Niels when his nephew grows up. :XD:

3rd October 2009

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14 F



1 year ago #9492571          

"Hey mom!.. I know, I'm sorry I didn't get to call you yesterday... Yes, yes, I'm fine. Johnny? Oh he's dead now... Severe burns from a fire. I'm fine, yes, I didn't really care for him..."
Poor Niels cx


17 M



5 years ago #8522997          

Niels, you have so many issues... It's amazing that you can still function.




5 years ago #8341593          

Id love to see a little comic showing Niels being rejected by Johnny. I always wondered exactly how that day went down. Did Niels set up a room for them? Did he simply come out and ask? Did he cry? Or perhaps something showing him plotting the murder with his body bodyguards? Was he distant or himself? Was he sad or sadistic? Lol is it creepy that I want to know?




6 years ago #8229336          

Oh poor Kiddo....XD...






6 years ago #8228340          

He called home after he burned his boss? Both gross and awesome.

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