Ladies Man

Ladies Man

This took foreeeeever to make...

3rd October 2011

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17 F
5 months ago #9330997        

Awww *-*
Great, I was sure he would have prefered the woman :stare:

7 months ago #9297016        

So. . . . Two knows the Big Guy personally? O.K.

And now we know that Three really does seem to love Two. Good.


20 F
1 year ago #9123767        

Now see here 300, look what a good guy you have.


19 F
1 year ago #9108195        

awwwwwwwwwwwww~ *dies*

and this version of God is so awesome!

2 years ago #9012132        

that's so sweet!!!! <3

2 years ago #9007216        


2 years ago #8996683        


2 years ago #8915761        

@RavenLilithJace I agree!

2 years ago #8914641        

Can the Catholic church have your version of God? I like him a lot more.

2 years ago #8865528        

Aaaw! I cried! TT^TT I was like, NO NO NO DAMMIT! And then he came back and I almost died from my relief!!!

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