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.....Just go out Niels. You need it.

I've never talked about Niels' sense of humor before, but it's really really bad. He loves lame, stupid and old jokes others just sigh at. :XD:

6th October 2011

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4 months ago #9335741      

I still don't understand why people dislike these old jokes ._. They're funny... But I enjoy really a stupid humor :/

I'm slightly curious of how long Niels was sitting in that chair just to turn dramatically and where Elliot's cat costume came from


246 F
4 months ago #9331000      

At least Elliott enjoys himself x')

6 months ago #9297063      

I see Eliot's JUUUUUST a little confused.

And Niels desperately needs to go out.

8 months ago #9272179      

lmfao think Im going to die laughing at this hahahahhaaa

1 year ago #9169072      

I cannot get over how cute Kiddo is. XD


35 M
1 year ago #9125116      

Dad jokes of the evil psycho masterminds XD


20 F
1 year ago #9123768      

Kiddo has me laughing too hard, ugh I'm tearing up.

1 year ago #9111711      

Why does Niels have to be half blind? He was bad at shooting before, but now...?

2 years ago #9012133      

it's soooo wonderful seeing those guys together again!!! they both have that extremely awesome smile! <3

2 years ago #8996686      

the eye patch is perfect!

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