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Yeah, it all started with Jesus when he said "God is loving and forgiving" and God was like "What? Since when?" but it worked out quite well, and God's been trying to keep up to date on what is considered the right thing to do ever since. ;P

2nd August 2011
5 months ago #9272170      

Would their "love child" be 550 (addition) or 275 (the average)? lol


20 F
1 year ago #9123738      

"sexy-time" haha

2 years ago #8865520      

aaaaaw yeah! ;D


15 M
2 years ago #8612516      

250 is by far my favorite. This gruff, battle-scarred, badass stealth monster....... and he's into 300. Thanks for breaking the fad that all us gays are pansies, Humon.

2 years ago #8608383      

LOVE this!!

2 years ago #8601395      

.... I totally ship them...

3 years ago #8523036      

So did I. X3

3 years ago #8456252      

dream come true 250?

3 years ago #8327800      

I just had a crazy fit at how awesome this is.

3 years ago #8239176      

lol, cute

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