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Putting Out

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Putting Out

What? You thought you could just keep teasing him and never put out, 300? That's not how 250 rolls baby!

11th September 2011
1 month ago #9241653      

@pivotcat9 she moved with her mom, rite??


20 F
7 months ago #9123756      

So. Many. Penises!

8 months ago #9107470      

300 is an adorable terrier ^^ and yeah I think he liked it but was mostly annoyed by his own inactivity. I believe he'll catch up quick

8 months ago #9094687      

Did 250 forgot he has a child >:(

11 months ago #9012106      

300's hair can be so fluffy! <3

12 months ago #8996674      

This is the best!!!

1 year ago #8956752      

@ThatsAmoreee same!

1 year ago #8915766      

every time I'm dying to read the last line of agent 300 xD


19 M
1 year ago #8871084      

I hope my first time is that adorable.

1 year ago #8865525      

Bahahahaha xD Sad I missed out on sexy time scene, but so adorable at the end! 83

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