Niels: Bitch

Niels: Bitch

You people will never understand how much I love these three together. They will forever be my OT3 of this story, no matter what happens.

Anyway, I don’t know what happened with this. It started out as a comment on the silliness of the yaoi height rule, and ended up...I don’t know where.

Still, it’s a silly rule that has no place in this story. I’ve noticed that a lot of people seem to think that Niels is some uber top who will make everyone beg for him, but the truth is that he is a bit of a bottom. Especially with Duncan who is too concerned with his masculinity to let a guy top him more that five times a year. At most!

And yes, that is Mr. Rapy McRape aka Peter at the end. He loves you all!!!

EDIT: Peter wants to thank you all for thinking he's a blond Jesus. He worked very hard to get that look. :XD:

5th November 2009

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4 years ago #9242044          

Peter: All your ass are belong to us.

5 years ago #8955811          

this is hilarious and then you see peter at the end and you're like, "yep. i love it. officially"


18 O



5 years ago #8954688          

This one is one of my favorites. All because of Peter at the end. ◕ω◕

5 years ago #8938444          

Peter is so cute~ I hope it's not weird if I think that...


5 years ago #8863713          

This is the greatest thing I have ever seen, ever! xD

5 years ago #8836218          

Peter will forever be my favorite character. <3


14 F



5 years ago #8794671          

This makes me giggle like a 7 year old every time.

6 years ago #8645030          

Well, i think in no sexually position therm, DUncan is the super bottom of the couple ^^ dominate by his husband and his wife


19 F



6 years ago #8620267          

Oh my gosh! This has to be my favorite, or at least it's close to the top, Niles comic. I still laugh every time. xD


15 F



6 years ago #8498435          

Peter just popping in like that made me laugh for a few minutes. XD Oh, Peter!

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