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New Name

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New Name

Magnus looks a bit skeptical here, but he'll end up using it.
I always thought that was the best display of love and respect a transsexual could show their parents if they had been supportive.

And I know people will ask, but I haven't even thought of a girl's name for Magnus because I want people to think of him only with a boy's name.

8th January 2012

22 M
11 months ago #9070850      

@deathbymanga Magnus in the American way would probably be Mag (like Magazine)-nus (like nuts -t), whereas the Danish way would be Maugnus, or (Smaug -s +nus with the u being like a oooh sound, but with uhh, so maugnUhs, the g is semi-silent as well(we do that a lot here, silent letters..)).

12 months ago #9051592      

wait, so Magnus is pronounced differently in Danish? how is it said there?

2 years ago #8869344      

I look forward to seeing more Magnus in the future! WHY CAN I EMPATHIZE WITH SO MANY OF YOUR CHARACTERS???? XD


14 F
2 years ago #8849233      

@Milten Oh, thanks! I also must agree with Humon when she says that only Danes speak Danish, the pronunciation of some things baffles me.


18 M
2 years ago #8847105      

@fiadraye Yes, almost, but without the h, so "Mou-nus"
And just to clarify: 'mou' as in 'cow', not 'low'. And the 'u' in nus is a short 'oo'-sound, not 'uh' :)
Actually 'mou' is shorter than 'cow', too...

And I must agree with Humon, it really does sound like a villain in English ;D


14 F
2 years ago #8841596      

How would you pronounce that in Danish? It would be "Mou-nush", no?


21 F
2 years ago #8751405      

Oh, Billy will be thrilled XD

2 years ago #8660835      

D'awwww, they're bonding!

2 years ago #8631789      

to me, Magnus' still a boy...and a cute boy ^^

2 years ago #8570795      

Well, I can think of no better boy's name. After all, it is the name of four time "World's Strongest Man," Magnus Ver Magnusson. How much more manly can you get?

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