Lifted Curse

Lifted Curse

In case you're wondering, Agent 300 is lying though his teeth because he and 250 did absolutely nothing other than sleep naked next to each other. He just wanted Britney out of the house. :evil:

Also, a lot of people have had trouble imagining 300 with a Scottish accent. I suggest watching some "Taggart". The guy in the suit actually comes pretty damn close to how I imagine 300's voice and speech pattern

21st August 2011

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17 F
6 months ago #9315996        

She probably imagined everything in her head too :XD:
Great job though!


16 M
7 months ago #9309187        

"...he gave me a fantastic blowjob."


"And he swallowed."


7 months ago #9296997        

Ha! She deserved that.

9 months ago #9272173        

I love Britney's facial expressions! lmfao

1 year ago #9152072        

300's smile at the end made me laugh so hard

1 year ago #9131291        

This is one of those few situations where there is literally no better comeback than the one the character used. XD


20 F
1 year ago #9123746        

"And he swallowed" talk about a finishing blow.

1 year ago #9115395        

shock denial realization disgusted ... LOVE IT :XD:

1 year ago #9107434        

Well deserved, good job 300


18 F
2 years ago #9043463        

I truly respect 300 for his ability to concentrate on paper and not even have a slightest peek of her expressions.

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