Dancing around the subject

Dancing around the subject

How I love to put these two in situations together. :D

This came to be because someone described Niels as Agent’s closet key. :XD:

16th April 2011

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7 months ago #9296934        

"This came to be because someone described Niels as Agent’s closet key."

Oh. THAAAAAAAT'S what he means.


"damn… aren't 300's super awesome agent-clothes expensive?"

He can expense them.

2 years ago #9009845        

damn… aren't 300's super awesome agent-clothes expensive? I wonder if Niels sells them, or just keeps them in his room to look at… XD naw… he probably just wears them himself… ^^

2 years ago #8972196        

XD I see what you did there <3

2 years ago #8865493        

Bahahahahaha xD

3 years ago #8611947        

Now I get it

3 years ago #8571490        

Yellowfield looks so much like Åland! 8D
And they basically have the same personality as well!
Vem älskar inte Åland och hans badassery? XD

3 years ago #8352924        

@Time, I thought the same thing

3 years ago #8303564        

Ahaha, I love how Thomas can clearly read Agent like a book while Agent himself is still clearly clueless to his sexuality situation.

4 years ago #8229612        

Bravo Thomas, *facepalm* to Agent 300.

4 years ago #8229392        

Does anyone else think Thomas looks kinda like Åland but more depressed..?

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