Bad Dreams

Bad Dreams

That night Thomas found out first witnessing this and then watching Japanese cartoons with his daughter later that day was not a good combination. :(

The real story behind this, is that Niels’ and Agent 300 relationship is supposed to be a parody of those kinds of relationships often seen in anime and manga. Yes, I am using a James Bond parody for an anime parody. I don’t plan these things, okay!?

Then I got a note in which I was asked “Out of Niels and 300, who would be the uke and who would be the seme?”

I have quite honestly never thought about that (manily because I’m not a big fan of seme/uke), and I spent way too much time trying to figure out who should be what. I ended up making Niels the uke, just because the thought of drawing him like this amused me. :XD:

And now I have to ask, who do you think would be the seme/uke?

12th March 2010

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3 years ago #9403908          

I think they're seke's. (That's both)

4 years ago #9113409          

at first I thought that it was agent 300 instead of Thomas and that Windy was just a random chick he just sleeped with. lol :XD:

4 years ago #9029351          

As a gay guy i don't really find allot of people who are solely one or solely the other its really a sharing and a swapping that happens with my partners isn't that the normal way?

4 years ago #9008329          

@Penotic I think it's more like Thomas had a bad dream and crawled into his daughters bed… ^^


5 years ago #8895274          

I honestly think that Niels would be uke, but that is just because he tends toward being uke in his relationship with Duncan and Natalie. Then again, I think Niels would love to dominate such a pain in the ass as 300, so..... It really could go either way, and each time would probably end up a struggle for dominance.


19 F



5 years ago #8565441          

XD PERFECT! I almost died from laughing...although I expected that Thomas would be the uke if he was in a anime. Oh well. X3




6 years ago #8229700          

@Joshua503 She most likely snuck in after a night terror. I did the same thing, but as a violent sleeper within 2 hours or so my dad caught on... tiny feet on your head tend to do that.




6 years ago #8229291          

@Joshua503 She probably just had a bad dream and snuck into his bed while he was asleep, my sister used to do the same :P




6 years ago #8228925          

Neils would probably bottom. Agent 300 wouldn't be comfortable enough with another man to bottom the first time; too much straight man denial & such. Plus Neils usually bottoms anyway, and the amount of psychological sexual intercourseery he could draw out of letting 300 believe he had control over him would be endless xD




6 years ago #8228753          

Niels:Uke. 300:Seme

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