According to manga land

According to manga land

Okay, so it's mainly in romantic manga and anime, but you get the idea. :XD:

30th April 2011

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1 year ago #9151976        

Oh god Duncan looks so pissed off...


20 O
1 year ago #9146654        

Agent looks really cute in that dress


19 F
1 year ago #9108376        

those dresses I want~


26 O
2 years ago #9003950        

To be fair, East Asians tend to be relatively androgynous compared to other ethnicities. Both the women and the men (which helps also because you don't have to be super masculine or feminine to pass). Not all of them, of course, but still enough to make it somewhat believable. Obviously only if the manga or anime is set in Japan or some other East Asian (or AU East Asian inspired) country.

Also believable when it's about children or pre-teens crossdressing.

2 years ago #8971949        

god I want to own the dress Agent is wearing.
he also looks quite splendid in it^^

2 years ago #8967577        

Each to their own, but baggy clothes, meh, look much hotter if they put on a suit, or other more "dressy" male clothes.
Also the guys in the picture does both look and axt like the SATW guys, Finland on the left looking murdery as usual for getting dragged along, classy indifferent England in drag, Denmark being his usual free self and t the very right, simply Badass Åland. Homage appreciated.

2 years ago #8956732        

OHMYGODS DUNCAN! His expression... beautiful


20 M
2 years ago #8871058        

@DreamingBlackLeo I'm basically the opposite (I mean that I'm a guy who could never pull of a woman). Huge adam's apple, extremely deep voice, and I have been told I have very masculine features, whatever the hell that means. Doesn't stop me from acting like a woman every once in awhile, though. (For the record, I'm not trans, a drag queen, or even particularly flamboyant, but I am bi.)


17 F
2 years ago #8854089        

Agent 300 is adorable...

2 years ago #8810325        

Honestly this area of attraction is something I don't entirely get. But I DO like the comedic value of Duncan's expression, Good show!

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