Office Picnic 2

Office Picnic 2

Wall of drunk text coming in!!

Someone suggested Agent 250 should get drunk and start babbling which I saw as a nice excuse to tell a bit more about him.

But damn you 250! Why do you insist on being a fleshed out character!? I have too many already!! :XD:

5th May 2011

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2 years ago #8967586        

I like seeing this side of Agent 300 as well.

3 years ago #8575792        

How do you make your characters so simple (drawing wise)? It's astounding! From the ultra simple SATW characters to the impressive construction you use with the Niels cast, simply astounding!

3 years ago #8384494        

"That little bitch is a man-eater"

Heh. Quite literally. :D

3 years ago #8327604        

Oh I love 250 so much it's kind of creepy. <3

3 years ago #8287675        

Hmm.. not so sure you should have said that 250 :P

4 years ago #8229658        

Agent 250 <3 <3 <3

4 years ago #8229429        

I still find it hilarious I spent so many comics in denial about 250. It took humon posting in a description to finally convince me.
Now, Im the number one 250X300 supporter!

4 years ago #8228789        

@Doodled93 No spoilers!!!!!

4 years ago #8228617        

HAHAHAHAHA! That she's a man-eater is so much funnier because she later bites 300!
I love rereading this stuff :D

4 years ago #8228459        

Did the comic end here?

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