Niels on Drugs

Niels on Drugs

Seeing as Niels is a bit of a crime lord and part of his business is drugs, you’d think that he tried his own "products" once in a while. But the truth is that he stays as far away as he can from it, because he handles drugs (and even alcohol) very badly.

Duncan and Natalie only realized this when one day Natalie came home and found Niels sitting on the kitchen floor sobbing like a child, while Kiddo sat with his hands over his ears behind the couch in the living room. She tried to ask Niels what was wrong, but it was impossible to get in contact with him.
Only later did they realize that a bottle of illegal drugs disguised as headache tablets had somehow found their way into their bathroom cabinet.

Drugs simply put Niels in contact with his emotions on a level he can’t handle. It doesn’t really matter what you give him, the result will always be tears. It may just be a single tear if the drug is mild, but it can also end as badly as the above-mentioned story.

The "soundtrack" to this picture would be this

26th December 2009

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20 M



4 years ago #9072576          

Somehow this picture reminds me of the He-man meme :p

But much much darker and saaaad :c


12 M



5 years ago #9003957          

It looks like red blood cells in the backround lol


41 F



6 years ago #8229869          

I wish Humon would write the name of the songs, a lot of links to youtube and in this case megauplod are gone due to removal. And I -really- want to know which song she thought about :-/




7 years ago #8229576          

The fact that you had Kiddo behind the couch made the story more vivid. I might end up drawing that, with your permission....



19 F



7 years ago #8228606          

Wow, really well done! I like the faded image of blood cells in the background, as it's fairly obvious that it's blood dripping from above, but the backdrop takes a minute to sink in. I really like his face in this one too... and the song won't open for me, but the sing I was listening to definitely didn't go with this (daft punk's Around the World), but I can figure what kind of tunes would go with this...
The fact that Kiddo is like that made the scene you described even more heartbreaking :|

7 years ago #8228535          

Dear God, this is powerful.
I always thought of him as funny and sadistic, cool and calculating.
I never thought he could be sad. . .

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