Niels in Church

Niels in Church

You give Niels too much credit, Natalie.

I once said Niels isn't religious and in his mind secretly mocks religious people, so I was asked if there's no way he could enjoy a church visit.
"What about a black church? They're usually more lively and exciting"
And well, okay, he would enjoy that, but for all the wrong reasons. :XD:

27th February 2012

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15 hours ago #9392311        

Very Fapable


23 M
1 year ago #9161845        

So, there's a guy with his hand around Niels throat in the third panel. Is he a "gasper" or is Niels naturally submissive with men?

1 year ago #9132610        

Oh Niels you're such a pervert. XD


20 F
1 year ago #9123821        

So expected of you dear Niels.

2 years ago #8892430        

I'm black,this was the best comic iv seen since....the last one lol

2 years ago #8865537        

Oh my. Why am I so surprised? this is just like Niels xD


33 M
2 years ago #8824449        

Well at least he enjoyed the experience O.O

2 years ago #8803879        

Niels is such an afrophile. XD


13 F
2 years ago #8756683        

@JuneDelph It's in the earlier comics :)

3 years ago #8650915        

I've always wondered how Niels met Duncan & Natalie, and how they came to that three-way relationship, could you draw that one day, Humon, pleeeaaase ?

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