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Topic: Preferences 52 seconds ago #9626796          

I prefer empiricism.


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Little Princess 8 minutes ago #9626795          

In kindergarten, my little brother wanted to be a princess and it was my wish to go as a Native American.
So he got my princess dress I didn't like anyways and I turned one of his old shirts into one that Winnetou would've been proud of.

Topic: What's On Your Mind #129 10 minutes ago #9626794          

My ex-flatmate just texted asking if I had any spare rice vinegar or nori so that he could make some sushi. I am currently in the middle of making sushi. Great minds think alike

Kind of miss living with him, even though he practically lives next door we've grown apart quite a bit


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Topic: The Banning Game 9 21 minutes ago #9626793          

Banned for banning someone for "spooky creepy crawlies" despite the fact that lava demons are crawling on you.

Topic: Associations 13 24 minutes ago #9626792          

Can't make this stuff up.


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Topic: What's On Your Mind #129 24 minutes ago #9626791          

We've gone many a comic without Finland. Come back Finland I miss you :cry:


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Topic: The Banning Game 9 33 minutes ago #9626790          

banned for spooky creepy crawlies.


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Topic: Corrupt a Wish AU AU 37 minutes ago #9626788          

I wish it was wetter in Denmark, and dryer where @Zeust was.

Granted, it tastes like lemons.


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Topic: 2017 WORLD PRESS FREEDOM INDEX 42 minutes ago #9626787          

Yeesh, 43. Well, at least that's close to Britain's and France's.

Love and Tentacles 1 hour ago #9626784          

I'm so actually excited about this. The absolute worst is not being able to tell anyone else about my excitement.

Love and Tentacles 2 hours ago #9626780          

Embrace the tentacle!

Welcome to OH NO 2 hours ago #9626775          

but in the end Sweden and Somalia will be quits

Family Time 2 hours ago #9626773          

Cheese on cheese cake too? O.o

Topic: The Banning Game 9 2 hours ago #9626772          

Banned because those things eventually evolved into Cylons.

Topic: Movie Club 2 hours ago #9626771          

Krull - now there's a weird movie for you. It's an odd mix of science fiction and fantasy, with swords and sorcery shuffled together with energy weapons and androids, and in-universe, nobody thinks that's strange. It's explicitly set on another planet, the landscape of which looks very much like the Alps. The film is from 1983 (directed by Peter Yates), at which time such movies were still feeling the influence of Star Wars. But apart from the Luke-Skywalker-like hero, and a rather similar opening shot, there's not much direct "hommage". Inside "The Beast"'s spaceship it's a kind of organic alien tech, and outside it's more-or-less 16th-17th-century culture(think: Queen Elizabeth I and Shakespeare's time), but with some magic (which could be tech), like a betrothal ceremony involving passing a live flame between the hands of the two parties.

Although I like this movie (and I have to say, I'm not fond of Eighties fantasy movies to begin with), it's not one of my must-see flicks. Bad points: a rather dull protagonist, some iffy special effects, and a predictable story. Good points: Heavens to Betsy, those sets! With location shooting in the Canary Islands and the Italian Alps, and lavishly-detailed sets built in the studio, you could watch this whole movie doing nothing but watching the background and still enjoy it. The cast is very good, even though the hero and his damsel in distress are rather uninteresting, the rest of the cast makes up for it in no small way. This includes a couple of obscure character actors named, um, let me check - oh yeah: Liam Neeson and Robbie Coltrane. A few of the other actors look familiar, but I don't recognize their names, but they're all very good. Even the most minor characters are fully fleshed out, and when one of them dies, you feel the loss. And the music is one of James Horner's early scores, about the same time as he scored The Wrath of Khan.

My favorite scene is when a middle-aged man who is acting as a guide to the hero to help find The Black Fortress (The Beast's spaceship, which teleports to a different location every morning) risks his life to consult The Widow of the Web, an immortal enchantress protected by a giant crystalline spider (one of the better special effects in the film). The story of who she is, how she got to be where she is, and how these two know each other is quite memorable. My second favorite scene is when the hero and his motley troop traverse a really creepy swamp with The Emerald Seer, and are set upon by minions of The Beast, and by a terrifying shape-shifter.

And did I mention those sets? :D This is no cheapskate B-movie at all. It cost about US$50 million to make (over $100 million today), and made back about $15 million. Yes, it was a bomb! Although it's a "cult movie" today (thanks to people like me), it still gets so-so reviews, so it's definitely not everyone's flagon of mead.

For myself, having seen it again after maybe five years, I wouldn't watch it again right away if I saw it in the TV listings, but a year or so from now, I definitely would. For some reason, this movie gets paired on Comet TV with Yor the Hunter From the Future, which is a similar idea and was released the same year, but definitely without the same kind of money or thinking put into it (not to mention, the movie spoils its Big Reveal right in the title!*). I did watch them back-to-back, which makes Krull look like 2001: A Space Odyssey by comparison. :D

*In the process of checking the links in this post, I ran across the factiod that the original title of this movie was Il Mondo di Yor, or "The World of Yor". So it was just the American distributors who spoiled the movie in the title, apparently.


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Two ways about it 2 hours ago #9626770          

My partner at work, who is an Iraqi refugee now in Detroit, tells me in the ambulance yesterday, 'you must have the genetics of the Finnish, because you handle cold much better than anyone I know.'

I wear a sweater over my uniform for most of winter.


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Love and Tentacles 2 hours ago #9626769          

Yay! I thought these two were lost to the Internet :D

Turn it up to 11 3 hours ago #9626765          

"The quietest babies in the world can be found in African and Far Eastern countries, where the parents (or grandparents) usually have the babies with them at all time, which makes the babies feel safe."

Of course, just admitting there might be a genetic reasons to this would make some people's minds explode.

They are not just more queiet. Look dan freedman racial differences in newborn behavior -
Note, that it's very unlikely that those changes are result of differential uprising, as those newborns are 30 HOURS old

Topic: What's On Your Mind #129 3 hours ago #9626764          

My teacher says that with me having insomnia, concentration problems and often no interest whatsoever in most subjects, I do very well. I'm surprised.

Love and Tentacles 3 hours ago #9626763          

Will there ever be a digital release for those of us lacking shelf space? Maybe sell through Comixology or something?

Equality means no mercy 3 hours ago #9626762          

People always either exaggerate the problems or make it seem like everything is fine.

Not everything is fine, but the situation in scandinavia is better than in most places.


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Topic: What's On Your Mind #129 4 hours ago #9626761          

Computer practicals are okay - except that nothing ever does what it should.

Okay, at least SWAP has a user interface now. It didn't last year. And I was a computer-dumb girl and the combination was awful because I didn't have a clue what I was doing.


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Love and Tentacles 4 hours ago #9626758          

I'm openly worried about a relationship with a tentacle... thing
The naughty things become even more naughty


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Troll and Valravn 4 hours ago #9626754          

i think thats not the only reason danish trolls are better company... trolls as youve described them feel very "norwegian" to me, with huggable bodies and souls seemingly made out of nature itself. maybe thats why danes have a more loving view of them. =)

this particular troll actually reminds me a lot of norway from satw... he kinda looks like a denmark+norway lovechild. ;'3


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Topic: What's On Your Mind #129 4 hours ago #9626748          

The insides of my ears feel heavy. Not like they have water, like I just been to a concert so everything is almost a bit muffled but there's no ringing and it hurts when I move my head certain ways as if it actually has weight inside my ear canal. Ew.

Love and Tentacles 4 hours ago #9626747          

Sorry, no idea. I don't know Humon enough to tell what she might or might not want to do in that regard.

About becoming the website for multiple comics, well, Humon's two other webcomics have their own sites, so I don't see why this one wouldn't. Just saying. :P

Love and Tentacles 4 hours ago #9626745          

@EricTheRedAndWhite do you know if she will resume it? That would be cool! could become the website for multiple comics! THAT WOULD BE EPIC

Love and Tentacles 5 hours ago #9626743          

Humon's DeviantArt galleries is the closest you can get, I think:

She eventually lost interest, so this series never evolved into an ordinary webcomic.

Love and Tentacles 5 hours ago #9626742          

Where can I find the series in non-book form?

Love and Tentacles 5 hours ago #9626741          

Very Cute! ^w^


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