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Seriously... All this stuff is just genious.


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Topic: What's On Your Mind #134 1 hour ago #9652439          

I just got slapped on the butt in the lockers.

Topic: Need assistance 2 hours ago #9652437          

Man, everyone else gives good, actual advice, and all I've got is a vague little list of stupid things to do if Wolfie can't stand the thought of telling them.

I feel heartless now.

Topic: Corrupt-a-Wish Foundation 8 2 hours ago #9652436          

Granted - well, sort of. We're all out of Rolex vacuum cleaners, so you get this nice Dirt Devil canister vac instead. Honestly, you won't be able to tell the difference.

I wish I could find that old Peter Schilling album that I used to listen to when I was a kid.


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Topic: Corrupt-a-Wish Foundation 8 2 hours ago #9652435          

Granted, they now base their predictions only from looking out the window.

I wish for even more Rolex vacuum cleaners.

Moby is a Dick 3 hours ago #9652432          

Has anyone else noticed they're all former Danish Territories?

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I am scared but oddly turned on... So that is something new about Fenrir...

Topic: Fearless Leaders 3 hours ago #9652426          

Healthcare Update: The Senate Republicans leaders were so sure that if they crafted their version of TrumpCare The American Health Care Act in secret, then trotted it out at the last minute and demanded a quick vote on it, they could keep all the details from getting out until after it was passed. That plan went over just like the proverbial lead balloon.

(CBS Evening News, in its usual praiseworthily unbiased manner, said at the top of the report that the Healthcare bill "has anemia" and "is in a medically-induced coma".)

Today, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that, with a growing number of Republican Senators backing away from the bill, they are postponing the vote (which, mind you, was supposed to get the bill passed by July 4th) until after their summer vacation. They can only afford two "no" votes, and the last I heard, there were at least five Senators who publicly stated that they will vote against it. It's easier just to put your wonderful, perfect new lead balloon in storage, than to see it shot down by friendly fire, I guess.



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Topic: Ask whatever you want about Argentina 3 hours ago #9652425          

Is anyone surprised by a cache of Nazi gold being discovered in 2017?

Topic: What's On Your Mind #134 3 hours ago #9652422          

What the hell? Why does my autocorrect keep trying to capitalise random words?!

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Topic: Need assistance 3 hours ago #9652420          

Bring them a memento, a photograph, album of his activity. or maybe a souvenir like a sword, helmet, shield (could be used ones) or a bronze plaque indented with his name, your association symbol, and motto. That wouldn't be so hard as you will only need it to be indented at local metal workshop, jewelry, or you could do that by yourself if you have an experience. That would be classy enough.

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, but

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Topic: Banned away 11 4 hours ago #9652413          

Banned for being happy when it's the end of the world, and the king of the bottomless pit whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon, attacks us with his army of locusts who look like horses with human faces and lions' teeth. Hey, don't look at me - it's IN THE BOOK!

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Topic: Corrupt a wish AU 4 hours ago #9652411          

Granted, but there is an error in the system of the stars.

I wish I had a unit to sample and hold, but not the lonely one, the new design new design.

Topic: Corrupt-a-Wish Foundation 8 4 hours ago #9652409          

Granted. Don't worry, be happy.

I wish the TV news anchors would look out the window once in a while, and not tell us that it's raining when the sun is shining, or that it's sunny when we're getting rain and hail. And with the meteorologist with his radar images standing right there, yet!

Topic: Dreams dreams dreams (the kind you get while sleep 4 hours ago #9652407          

I dreamed once I had a sleepover at Lincoln Loud's (The Loud House) and may God, unlike one I had about another show 3 years ago, it made me like it even more.

Topic: What's the previous avatar doing? 4 hours ago #9652405          

The previous avatar just heard the sound of a can opener.

Topic: What's On Your Mind #134 4 hours ago #9652404          

And I am disturbed. Thanks, overly perverted friend!

Topic: What's On Your Mind #134 4 hours ago #9652402          

Oh my god.
The species commonly known as ptarmigeon has learned how to roll its r's.
This is a spectacular scientific breakthrough.
This is not science.
This is witchcraft.
Sorcery of the foulest kind.

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There is nothing at all you can say to lessen the grief of his parents. This is likely to be the worst time of their entire life and it will never go away.
That said, in times of bereavement it helps to know the person we have lost was loved and respected. The world and his wife will be offering assistance and I am not sure they actually need any.
Don't overthink it. See his family, express your sympathy for their loss and let them know he was an important member of your group and will be greatly missed. It really is that simple.

Topic: Some kind of image/gif forum game 5 hours ago #9652397          

When all you want is some peace and quiet.


Topic: Some kind of image/gif forum game 5 hours ago #9652394          

When you need to do a fart, but can't because you're in a public area and you don't want to be rude


Topic: Singing Songs 2 5 hours ago #9652393          

Loud House Theme Song

Crashing through the crowded halls,
Dodging girls like ping pong balls,
Just to reach the bathroom on time
(Hey! Hey! Hey!)
Leaping over laundry piles,
Diapers you can smell for miles,
Guy's gotta do what he can to survive!

In the Loud House! In the Loud House!
Duck, dodge, push and shove,
It's how we show our love!
In the Loud House! In the Loud House!
One boy and ten girls
(Wouldn't trade it for the world!)
Loud! House! Loud! Loud House!

Me time, a little room to breathe time,
A little quiet and peace, I've never had.
At least I'm never lonely,
We're never lacking for a sports team,
Maybe this crazy's not that bad!

In the Loud House! In the Loud House!
Duck, dodge, push and shove,
This is how we show our love!
In the Loud House! In the Loud House!
Gotta love Mom and Dad,
For not going completely mad!
In the Loud House! In the Loud House!
One boy and ten girls,
Wouldn't trade it for the world!
Loud! House! Loud! Loud House!
Lily: (spoken) Poo-poo!


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