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England is always America's dad, but who's America's mom? It can easily be the french (Louisiana purchase), or the Spanish (California and Florida), or the Germans (cultural influence through hamburger and hotdog), or western African (slave trade), OMG ENGLAND JUST TELL US WHO YOU BANGED

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When a wish comes true...

Bedtime Drama 2 25 minutes ago #9614529          

I think they need a bigger bed



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No Charity 35 minutes ago #9614524          

I'm sorry but when Niels said : "That depends who's asking" I instantly thought about Aaron Burr XD

Mother's Day Card 50 minutes ago #9614522          

@Srs Not strictly true... depending on how far you want to go; the mother of America could be either the Danes or the English.

John Amerik was a British financier who commissioned an expedition for John Cabot to set forth from Bristol, England to discover new lands to West.

Before them, the Vikings from modern-day Denmark and Northern Germany can discovered Greenland and the East Coasts of Canada (including Newfoundland) but they perished not long after settling.

The US as we know it had 3 colonial powers, Spain along the Western Coasts, England/Britain for the original 13 states in congress assembled, and France along the Mississippi River.

Britain is considered the 'mother/father' of America because of the widespread use of our language; culture and sort of form of democracy.

But France can be considered its cousin; as it too fought again Britain many times, refused to make peace (until it was forced to - entante cordiale); but always happy to stick one up to the British, unless they need something.

Topic: Confessions #2 1 hour ago #9614513          

I still use my 'Leap Frog Tag' Geography map. It is 4-8 years on it, but it is one of my favourite things

Mother's Day Card 1 hour ago #9614510          

Wait, I thought Scandinavia is America's mother?
Big Ole, America's Biggest Viking in Alexandria, Minnesota told me so.

Merry Christmas 2013 1 hour ago #9614507          

It tastes awful but it is handy for a doorstop

Drunken Party 1 hour ago #9614504          

Sad thing is its pretty accurate the drunken Scottish guy drinks himself in to a state that he is oblivious to hubby fell asleep into his food before after a night out



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Topic: Corrupt-a-Wish Foundation 6 2 hours ago #9614502          

Granted, but instead of a room you get a tile.

I wish for martabak.



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Topic: Associations (multilingual edition) 2 hours ago #9614501          

Lama njir Halde ngoles opor ayam

The roof is on fire, eh? 2 hours ago #9614500          

Canada's face, I can't breath XD



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Topic: The Banning Game 8 2 hours ago #9614499          

Banned for being Belanda.

Save the day 2 hours ago #9614497          

Bond is Scottish written by Scottish guy and Sean Connery was first Bond too Hollywood made him English

Angels and Demons Poster 2 hours ago #9614492          

Funny, I heard somewhere that Samael is Lucifer.



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Mother's Day Card 2 hours ago #9614491          

Awwwww so cute! LOL here we don't celebrate mother's day till 22nd December.


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Mother's Day Card 2 hours ago #9614488          

I'm pretty sure EVERYONE is a bit confused over who America's mother is.

Mother's Day Card 2 hours ago #9614486          

What you're seeing here is America as a child. Notice how he isn't all brown-skinned either.


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Mother's Day Card 2 hours ago #9614483          

What happened to the Donald Trump look?


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Topic: Confessions #2 3 hours ago #9614476          

I think psychology is overrated and doesn't really work.

Never Forget Never Forgive 3 hours ago #9614475          

I'd get a green cat's eye.


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Mother's Day Card 3 hours ago #9614473          

Okay, so America was born when the England family decided "Eh, the New World is a nice place for a cottage. A bit far but scenic, and useful!" and after America got older it managed to just stay behind and live off the land. Sure he got in trouble with the locals, but he managed to carve out a good life for himself. Spain's family were nice to have around for some familiarity and Canada spent a lot with him.

So all was well and good until the France family had a very big spat over Canada. See Canada was in a rough spot with France as he was being treated none to well and since he was on good terms with America, almost like brothers, and wanted to stay with him for a while. Unfortunately this set off a powder keg in the whole neighborhood and stuff hit the fan hard. In the end, when people realized that these kids were practically adults (15 or so) they just agreed to let Canada stay around with America doing their own thing.

So fast forward a few years (to when America was 17) he was done with the blame and abuse he had gotten for his "part" in causing the whole Canada thing to blow up the way that it did and decided he had enough and was going to get a bit of help from France and Spain.

After this practically happening the same way the whole Canada thing went down, Spain returned to his jewelry making and France let America stay until she had a mid-life crisis and got a new imperialist boyfriend. Even after trying to impress America with new stuff, America said bye to this crazy family and went back to just living by himself as a new adult.

I'm guessing this is why France is conflicted about this. She helped America and he was her kid at one point! Now its just she feels she has been betrayed a little.

Also props to the people who can see the timeline.

Househusband 4 hours ago #9614468          

Ernst Stavro Blofeld with a chinchilla... dogpig?

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No day like today 4 hours ago #9614460          

You know what? This is an accurate interpretation of history.

Topic: Joke thread 4 hours ago #9614459          

Two parallel lines have so much in common. It's a shame they'll never meet.

Topic: Associations (multilingual edition) 4 hours ago #9614458          

Lama djur hällde Olles offer på vesslan.


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Mother's Day Card 4 hours ago #9614455          

As an American: it probably depends a little on your heritage. On one side, my family goes back about nine generations here, to before the Founding, and we were British on that side before we were American (my apologies, however little they may mean, to the Pequot tribe).

In our current state as a nation, though, France is probably America's ideological mother, in a way, since that's where the majority of our Founders' national ideology was developed - in salons and the like. Germany and its siblings gave us a lot of religious ideology, so it translates for many modern-day Americans into the parent of many of our national and family holidays, but I see this as more of a paternal role, and perhaps an adoptive one.

Likewise, Father Britain I would see as the ex of at least one of America's parents, who later came back into our lives via our involvement in WWII, and taught us a bunch of bad habits we now unfortunately revere out of a not-wholly misguided respect for them.

I would personally credit China as also being the nation's Karmic ancestor, since we're in many ways the same kind of Empire that China once was - which I see us as now being on the decline - but that's just my opinion.

On the other hand, it's entirely possible America is just the result of an incestuous, multi-national orgy. That IS more or less what we look like, but the traits I mentioned above seem to have most prominently risen to the surface.

Topic: The thistle is the emblem of Scotland as a barefoot viking r 4 hours ago #9614452          

Vikings and stealth... We don't exactly look like ninjas. Unless those ninjas suddenly are tall and blonde. And well, I'm not saying that pale-skinned Scandinavian directly glows in the dark, but...


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