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Masterchef 52 seconds ago #9746494          

I love Englands facial expressions, he gets more confused every time you look at him XD


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Masterchef 28 minutes ago #9746493          

Further evidence the British are strange. But the comments are really fun to read, you can read the accent. It's awesome.

Topic: The Game of Banns Season 13 37 minutes ago #9746492          

Banned for telling me how to ban.


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Topic: Word Chain 46 minutes ago #9746490          

Hei... he... HERESY


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Masterchef 50 minutes ago #9746489          

Actually, speaking personally I use salads a lot. Albeit by my own definition of the word. I.e. meat, tomatoes, cucumber, sometimes a couple of boiled eggs and some onions. Along with 4 rounds of bread and a yogurt. Never liked lettuce or salad cream. Admit to a couple of days a week at the local [Chinese] chippy for a change.

I can cook, or at least boil some food as used to do it for mum. She insisted on a cooked Sunday lunch. However living on my own I just find it too much of an hassle, both in terms of preparing the meal and the amount of washing up afterwards.

Do have far too much 'muscle' building up around the waist and rear but that's due more to my energetic exercise routine, spending ~ 10/12 hours a day operating a mouse. ;)

Topic: The Game of Banns Season 13 57 minutes ago #9746486          

Banned for banning someone just because that person can't cook


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Masterchef 1 hour ago #9746484          

Well, you actually can make warm salads, it's a thing........just prob not with those ingredients he got. :D

Topic: The Game of Banns Season 13 1 hour ago #9746478          

Banned for not knowing how to cook


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Topic: SatW community discord 1 hour ago #9746476          

@LavaMadness Someone joined the Discord using your name, can you confirm it's you so we can give you the verified role?

Topic: Word Chain 2 hours ago #9746475          


Topic: What’s on Your Mind #150 2 hours ago #9746473          

I've been testing out my new speedcubes all night and now I'm tired. I had plans today as well...

Topic: Rate the Song Below You! 2 2 hours ago #9746472          

@LavaMadness :XD: 9/10 So funny!

Netta - Toy

(Fan favourite to win Eurovision this year)

Topic: Associations #17 2 hours ago #9746468          

i got a tridon in the hunger games simulator

Masterchef 2 hours ago #9746467          

We British think a salad is a few lettuce leaves and maybe a grated carrot. I always thought salads were boring until I was introduced to proper salads from my Spanish girlfriend and her family. Wowzers.... now salads are one of my fave foods.

Topic: Returning User with Questions 2 hours ago #9746464          


its good.

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We should be friends 3 hours ago #9746460          

I’m thinking about Jan Mayen and Svalbard in the same comic ... or is there a reason why they’re never seen together?

Fan Art: Fire vs Ice 3 hours ago #9746458          

Demon cat is scared!


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Topic: Since the 1950s, it's been illegal to die in Longyearby 3 hours ago #9746457          

What are they gonna DO? Throws my corpse behind bars?

Topic: Terrible Therapist [FORUM GAME] 3 hours ago #9746454          

i can just a hmm is not enough yor you :D :cry: :D

i have to learn c++

Fan Art: Fire vs Ice 3 hours ago #9746452          

Iceland, what-

Topic: Terrible Therapist [FORUM GAME] 3 hours ago #9746451          

Eat it. Nooooo!!! You ate 2 kg!
Nobody commets in my topics.


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Topic: JTTWloverchinese’s bookshop. 3 hours ago #9746449          

Hello! :)

Topic: Associations #17 3 hours ago #9746447          

Poseidon too.

Topic: Terrible Therapist [FORUM GAME] 3 hours ago #9746446          

Eat crisps wrapped in bread.

I want Nutella right now.

Topic: Associations #17 3 hours ago #9746445          

Hera, your husband needs to stop having half-blood children.

Topic: Word Chain 3 hours ago #9746444          


Topic: Rate the Song Below You! 2 3 hours ago #9746443          

It's decent enough, but I don't really see myself listening to it. Good choice, though. 6/10


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Topic: What’s on Your Mind #150 3 hours ago #9746441          

I want to finish "Son of Neptune", but online reading stings my eyes. Plus, I just bought a new jar of Nutella. Should I eat some or not?

Topic: Associations #17 3 hours ago #9746440          


Topic: Associations #17 3 hours ago #9746437          

Apollo, what in the world did you do this time?


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