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Topic: What's On Your Mind #137 7 minutes ago #9671236          

So for dinner:
Beat 3 eggs in a dish. Add a sprinkle of garlic salt and regular salt( pepper is gross, so skip it)
Put 1/2 teaspoon of butter into a frying pan and let it heat up and melt. Pour eggs in so that they form a circle
Tear 3-5 slices of American cheese into little pieces, and place on one side of omelette. Fold it in half and push around until done.

Red-Sided Garter Snake 2 hours ago #9671223          

I'm from where this happens, its called Narcisse in Manitoba :3 We get so many snakes just all in the area too, they're pretty friendly little guys. Snek!


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Topic: Banned away 11 2 hours ago #9671222          

Banned for apples

Topic: Banned away 11 2 hours ago #9671221          

Banned because tag you're it!

Topic: Count to 1500! 2 hours ago #9671220          


Topic: Corrupt-a-Wish AU 2 2 hours ago #9671218          

Granted, you are famous for your crackpot books about how aliens created the human race through genetic experiments on bonobos, aliens gave ancient civilizations all their culture, aliens built the pyramids, aliens started both World Wars, aliens shot JFK, and aliens run all the world governments disguised as boring middle-class men in nice suits. The Face on Mars and secret military bases on the Moon and in Antarctica? Those aren't aliens - they were built by Nazis, of course, who are working with the Nephilim and the Illuminati to take over the world. The History Channel loves you: you become a regular talking-head on Ancient Aliens, and even get your own show on The National Geographic Channel.

I wish I knew how many evil inter-dimensional Reptoids it takes to run a White House.


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Topic: Confessions #2 2 hours ago #9671217          

I think the Imperial German flag was better than the current one.


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Topic: Troll the Country: An Alphabetic Game 2 hours ago #9671216          

Where the absolute fuck is Uganda

Topic: One Word Only 2 3 hours ago #9671215          


Topic: Troll the Country: An Alphabetic Game 3 hours ago #9671214          

People from Turkey, Let me see if you know this:

"gobble gobble gobble."

Topic: The Corrupt-a-Wish Foundation 9 3 hours ago #9671213          

Granted, but everywhere you go, metal objects fly through the air and stick to your body.

I wish for a nice private island in the middle of Lake Winnepesaukee.

(Chop) sticky situation 3 hours ago #9671211          

(Tosses chopsticks) Woo-hoo! I told my brother it was finger food. Now he owes me a sushi lunch.

Topic: Troll the Country: An Alphabetic Game 3 hours ago #9671210          

The Spratly Islands. Not a country, but a bunch of islands in the South China Sea that have no indigenous populations, but are claimed by Malaysia, Taiwan, China, the Philippines. Vietnam. . . and Brunei? image They are occupied by military groups of all these countries (except for Brunei, who only claim part of the area as an exclusive economic zone), who amuse themselves by shooting birds and turtles, and fishing with explosives and potassium cyanide.

Topic: The Corrupt-a-Wish Foundation 9 3 hours ago #9671209          

Granted, but a window frame falls out of the wall on the other side of the house.

I wish I had Magneto's powers.

Topic: The Corrupt-a-Wish Foundation 9 3 hours ago #9671208          

Granted, and herring with potatoes sounds so good I can't think of a way to corrupt that wish. image Well, OK maybe you have two fishes and five potatoes to feed the whole bunch of students.

I wish (not for the first time this summer!) that my air conditioner were working properly.

Topic: Halloween Monsters and Romania 3 hours ago #9671205          

Instead of humans wearing flag shirts, the characters are replaced by regional monsters wearing flag shirts. Finland is a troll, Scotland is Nessie, USA is a sasquatch, Iceland is a beer ghost, Japan is godzilla, etc etc.

They all go to a Halloween party and Romania is there. He's always been a vampire in the past, but has come to the party dressed as a normal-looking human. Some people ask him why he isn't in a costume.

Romania claims he is dressed as Dean Winchester from Paranormal. Or Blade. Or Van Helsing. You could even introduce Sister Romania dressed as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Lots of famous vampire slayers to choose from.

Topic: Confessions #2 3 hours ago #9671204          

I'm surprised most of you understand what I say, as most people I know who have learned English don't know what us northerners are saying most of the time, and for those who grew up English-speaking who aren't northern still don't understand us

Just a game 3 hours ago #9671202          

On the last panel Norway looks so done like, Iceland, your my younger brother. You've been doing this crap since you were seven. Did you throw Sweden's guitar into hell???

Topic: Germany in other languages 4 hours ago #9671200          

This is a good comic idea. I don't know where all the different names come from, but there's a funny story behind "Germany" in English:

English got the name from Romans, who called it Germania. The reason they called it Germania is because they asked the Gauls in northern France "Who are those other people that live nearby?" There was some miscommunication due to the language differences, and the Gauls called them the "germanoi" - which is the old gallic word for "neighbor".

Roman: "Who are those people that live nearby?"
Gaul: "Neighbors. People who live nearby are called neighbors."
Roman: "Ok then, we shall call that 'Neighborland' and its people are 'neighbors'!"
Gaul: ""

And nobody corrected them for over 2,000 years.

He knows what he likes 4 hours ago #9671199          

In Hawaii, we have big rocks chilling out in the middle of parks, in front of houses, etc. They're there not because people were too lazy to move them, it's because the people who tried all got horribly sick, the bulldozers broke, mules died etc. The rocks do not want to move!

Topic: One Word Only 2 4 hours ago #9671195          


Topic: Troll the Country: An Alphabetic Game 4 hours ago #9671191          

Rwanda: home of the world's most famous 0-star hotel.

Topic: Corrupt-a-Wish AU 2 4 hours ago #9671190          

Granted, you now own a collection of snuff films that feature Colombian Neckties.

I wish I was a world-famous author.

Topic: One Word Only 2 4 hours ago #9671183          


Iceland 5 hours ago #9671182          

How r his goggles just stuck on his face...? I want them.

Topic: Count to 1500! 5 hours ago #9671180          

25 left 'til 300.


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Topic: What's On Your Mind #137 5 hours ago #9671177          

@plgirlpl you can always talk to us on fb if u wanna vent on something :3


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(Chop) sticky situation 5 hours ago #9671175          

A true man eats his bloody steak with bare hands perkele.

(Chop) sticky situation 5 hours ago #9671174          

What? Next you'll be telling me you need to eat burgers with your fingers, or a steak with a fork and knife!

Topic: Count to 1500! 5 hours ago #9671173          

Numbuh 274 from KND.



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