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Topic: Banned away 12 2 minutes ago #9690505          

Banned for being fair.

Topic: Corrupt a wish RU 6 minutes ago #9690504          

Granted, but it's made by the same company that made *that* space rocket.

I wish to have the russian version of a sonic screwdriver

Topic: Banned away 12 7 minutes ago #9690503          

Unbanned because banning for being ice cold isn't fair.

Topic: Corrupt-a-Wish AU 2 8 minutes ago #9690502          

Granted, but having an N in your name is now incredibly difficult.

I wish I didn't.

Topic: Associations 15 10 minutes ago #9690501          


Topic: Associations 15 32 minutes ago #9690498          

An illusion


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254 56 minutes ago #9690495          

Cooking time with house!

Lokasenna 1 hour ago #9690494          

Firstly, it's "Oooooooooooooooo". The great vowel shift, you see.

But you do rather wonder why Loki would do this. It's not clever. He's making things very difficult for himself. Even if he is sick of the god's hypocrasy, there are ways of handling it which won't lead to him being tied up until the world ends. He's basically acting like an internet troll. Is it just that he can't help himself or does he know that things are coming to an end and he wants to sit it out?

Rainbow Wedding Bells 1 hour ago #9690493          

This is, or, at least was, beautiful.

Topic: What's On Your Mind #141 1 hour ago #9690492          

Almost 11 PM PST. Time to sleep for me.

More than you 2 hours ago #9690491          

Good for them!

Lifted Curse 2 hours ago #9690490          

nb4 this was the entire point of seducing 250.

All Very Simple 2 hours ago #9690489          

;_; God-fucking-dammit Niels.

Too Close 2 hours ago #9690488          

Oh noooooooooooo, please, my ship cannot sink....!

Different degrees of Scottish 3 hours ago #9690487          

Somehow, Agent 250 has quickly slithered his way right up into my favorite 5 characters.

Doing His Thing 3 hours ago #9690486          

I... was not ready.

Topic: Troll the Country: An Alphabetic Game 3 hours ago #9690485          

Yemen is a mess again, go figure.

The Oresund Song 3 hours ago #9690481          

Anyone want a fanfic based off of this?

Topic: Word Chain 4 hours ago #9690479          


Topic: Troll the Country: An Alphabetic Game 4 hours ago #9690478          

Xujan, a walled kingdom in Africa inhabited by strange people who worship parrots, and raise lions in the same way that other cultures raise cattle. Strangers are not welcome, and any who come upon the place are killed or enslaved. According to Edgar Rice Burroughs, Tarzan was able to enter and leave the kingdom unharmed because, well, he's Tarzan, isn't he?

Topic: Word Chain 4 hours ago #9690476          


Topic: What Do You Like To Do In Your Spare Time? 4 hours ago #9690475          

I don't really get any "spare time" I like driving and music, so if I have to go somewhere, I will go the longest way possible to get there and have my music nice and loud so I can really "enjoy my spare time" even as I'm reading the comics and writing shit in the forums I'm walking around cleaning up bits of mess, tidying, vacuuming it just never stops :)

Topic: What's On Your Mind #135 4 hours ago #9690474          

This is finished


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Topic: Associations 15 5 hours ago #9690473          

What is @uktana?


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Topic: Banned away 12 5 hours ago #9690472          

Banned because this is getting rickdickulous

Topic: What's On Your Mind #141 5 hours ago #9690471          

I've started work on what could be the largest spreadsheet I'll have ever made.

Topic: What Do You Like To Do In Your Spare Time? 5 hours ago #9690470          

I do things with friends, browse teh interwebs, draw, listen to music, play music, play video games, work on my car, and exercise.

Topic: Banned away 12 5 hours ago #9690469          

Banned for anti-anti-prudishness.


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Halloween appropriation 5 hours ago #9690468          

"Listening to you one get's the impression that the US is in fact made up of a many widely different cultural groups that are so different from one another that they could just as well form their own country."
No shit Captain Obvious you just found that out?
And the rest of your gigantic message(s) on that discussion shows as well that you have absolutely zero idea what you're talking about, not that it's surprsing. What a half-witted garden gnome, lmao.

"And you seem more afraid that these domestic immigrant will descend on your state of Texas and obliterate your own local culture that you seem most interested in protecting."
Of course you wouldn't give a shit about culture, neither in texas nor sweden. After all different cultures are an obstacle against communism ^)

Topic: Banned away 12 5 hours ago #9690467          

Banned for anti-prudishness.


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